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At this time, he actually wanted to paint.Lu Shuo s impulse was to stay by his side.At this time, Lu Shuo opened the car window and took a look, and then said hurriedly Aunt Tianyu, I m already here.I m afraid I have to leave first.I ll give this painting to you.If I have the chance, I will definitely look for it.Yours.With that said, Lu Shuo had already jumped off the carriage.Little Lu Shuo, goodbye Before he could stop him, Lu Shuo had already got off the carriage.Tianyu waved his hand and reluctantly said goodbye to Lu Shuo.With short red hair and a strong body, he looks particularly capable.The man in his prime is the girl s father, named Ye Zheng, the Soul Emperor of the Seventy Five Stars, Star Soul, Flame Prison Wolf His daughter, the girl in blue in front of her, is called Ye Tian er.The how to lower my blood sugar immediately purpose of their trip to the Star Forest was to obtain her first soul skill for their daughter.Obviously, judging from the Ice and Fire Infinite Arrow that Ye Tian er had just used to attack Lu Shuo, Ye Tian er had successfully obtained her own soul skill.The true strength is revealed when the thing you want to protect appears.Lu Shuo was still deep in thought.When he thought of the person he wanted to protect, the first person who jumped into his mind was Ye Tian er.Although Lu Shuo knew that she was not Shi Xin, deep down in his heart, it was him who came to protect him.The only person in this world who wants to protect.Maybe God is punishing Lu Shuo for not protecting Shi Xin well in his previous life, so he continues to give him such a mission in this life.You are not allowed to step into my Secretaría de Desarrollo Sustentable what is normal fasting blood sugar level room, specifically my room except yours.Third, you have to knock before entering the bathroom, and you have to lock it when you go in.Fourth, special circumstances, what is normal fasting blood sugar level blood sugar levels 2 hours after eating normal Secretaría de Desarrollo Sustentable what is normal fasting blood sugar level You have to go out, and you can only come in with my order.That s all for now.I ll add more when I think of it later Lu Shuo is 174 high for blood sugar mayo clinic glucose levels nodded vigorously, seeming to think of some romantic TV series, and smiled unconsciously, and then Picked up the key and walked into his room.What kind of loving things will happen when two people live in an apartment Who else is waiting for Lu Shuo in Sky Academy Looking forward to the next chapter, Lei Ji s hands, Yu Wenlin Chapter 12 Lei Ji Shuang Yu Wenlin Update time 2011 09 07 Walking into his room, it is also a white world, with a white single bed, a white wardrobe, and a white desk.Then, Ye Tian er stood up and said, still lukewarmly, I, I m afraid I don t need to introduce you.After that, he sat down directly.After the introduction, Yi Shui motioned for Lu Shuo to sit down in the hall, and then, Lu Shuo s first class in this world of Tianxing officially began.What kind of story will happen between Lu Shuo and Yu Wenlin, and what will this first class talk about Looking forward to the next chapter, the first class Chapter 13, First Class, updated 2011 09 08 Okay, since there are new students arriving, today I will repeat the most basic knowledge so that Lu Shuo can understand the Star Soul Master better and the three of you can also consolidate it.Gululu But I m so hungry now After the excitement subsided, Lu Shuo held his stomach and imagined the delicious food on earth.Gradually, gradually, I fell into sleep.Wow, so beautiful A girl wearing a blue dress said loudly on Tianshi Street.This girl is Ye Tian er.She specially changed into a beautiful dress tonight, but it is still blue.Next to her was Luo Yan.Tianshi Star Meeting is a grand annual festival in Sky City.It is said that this night is the day when the Star God descends to earth.As long as there is light, the Star God will favor him.The next moment, even Ye Tian er herself didn t notice that a smile she had never seen before appeared on her lips.Maybe this was a smile of happiness.Ye Tian er slowly closed her eyes, she wanted to enjoy this happiness quietly. A moment later, just when Lu Shuo felt that he had rolled to the ground, a miss caused them to fall down again, but this time it was no longer a slope, but a straight fall.Obviously, this was a deep cave, and Lu Shuo and Ye Tian er happened to be falling into the deep cave.However, for the optimistic and cheerful Lu Shuo, he insisted on one sentence let others talk about his own way.Until six months later.How will Lu Shuo change after six months Will his star soul awaken Please look forward to the next chapter, six months later Chapter 17 Update time six months later 2011 09 10 Before he knew it, Lu Shuo had been staying at Sky Academy for six months.However, it has what is normal fasting blood sugar level been six months.Although Lu Shuo worked very hard, practiced hard every day, learned new knowledge every day, exercised physical strength and practiced physical skills every day, he still failed to awaken the star soul.

Infinite Arrows what is normal fasting blood sugar level of Ice and Fire Four arrows instantly appeared in the air, and then shot towards the charging Mandala Snake.Bang Bang Bang Bang It was still an ineffective attack.The black scales of the Datura snake were as hard as steel.And the next second, the Datura snake had rushed in front of Ye Tian er.How had Ye Tian er ever Having faced such a soul beast, even what is normal fasting blood sugar level the first soul skill was hunted by his father.At this time, Ye Tian er couldn t help but panic.After all, snakes are scary things to girls.This is Ye Zheng s father, the ninety five star soul shadow, Ye Daoyuan, known as the Drunkard Black Eagle in the world.Ye Daoyuan only loves two things in his life, one is wine, and the other is experimental madman.He loved drinking so much that he spent almost every day drunk.Lu Shuo was absolutely sure of this.However, it was his hobby of drinking that made him a powerful soul shadow on the Star Continent.However, these are all things for later.He was keen on studying star souls and developing soul techniques, so when he was fifty four years old, he lived what is normal fasting blood sugar level in seclusion here with his son Ye Zheng and founded the Sky Academy, while he immersed himself in studying star souls and developing soul skills here.The painting god in his previous life what is normal fasting blood sugar level was originally arrogant, but at this time, he was suddenly forced by a stranger.Of course, Lu Shuo was not willing to listen to him so easily.Even though Ye Daoyuan was very powerful, but Lu Shuo s The aloofness and reluctance in my heart will not give in easily.What What did you say Ye Daoyuan s expression immediately became ugly.At this time, Ye Zheng on the side quickly persuaded in a low voice Lu Shuo, what is normal fasting blood sugar level how can you talk to the dean like this Don t worry, release your star soul.After speaking, Ye Daoyuan realized that he should not have said what he said.Yes, shut up immediately.At this time, Lu Shuo quickly explained again Master, don t be angry yet, this is what happened.What will happen what is normal fasting blood sugar level blood sugar levels 2 hours after eating normal to Lu Shuo and Ye Tian er who are about to return to the apartment Please look forward to the next chapter, return to the apartment Chapter 28 Return to the apartment Update time 2011 09 17 Then, Lu Shuo then told Ye Daoyuan everything about how he was injured when he peeped at Ye Tian er taking a bath, how he recuperated at Ye Zheng s home, and then lived with Ye Tian er.The purple eyes turned into purple black vortex eyes again, and the tiny purple winged flower symbol between the eyebrows instantly appeared.On his left arm, purple lines wrap around him.The emperor s aura and majesty shot out, and the soul what is average glucose level power of the Sixteen Stars was released unabashedly.Below, two adult Aoki Sirius were staring at Lu Shuo, their blood colored eyes radiating bloodthirsty murderous intent.Aoki Sirius, an orange star low level soul beast, is on the same level as the Mandala Snake.Purple light appeared slightly.Around Aoki Sirius, more than a dozen purple winged flower vines quickly sprouted.There was no doubt that Aoki Sirius had no room to dodge.In an instant, he was entangled by the purple winged flower.At this time, what is normal fasting blood sugar level the purple winged flower showed its super toughness and firmly blood sugar 132 bound Aoki Sirius.If the Datura Snake hadn t given Purple Winged Flower super toughness, I m afraid, Aoki Sirius would have broken free in just one second.From this point of view, it would take Aoki Sirius at least six seconds to break away from the Purple Wing Flower.Finally, The twelve petals shattered suddenly, and then turned into dots of purple light, which sank into Lu Shuo s body from different directions.The purple eyes turned into purple black vortex eyes, and a tiny purple winged flower symbol appeared between the eyebrows On his left arm, purple lines were wrapped what is normal fasting blood sugar level around him, as if he had life.The emperor s aura was also released unabashedly.At this point, Lu Shuo s star soul was finally released.Eighteen stars Star Soul, Purple Winged Flower Jin Zhen opposite showed a playful smile.

Therefore, Ye Tian er still has a firm tone.Lu Shuo, I m not kidding you, I really want you to leave.Speaking of this, Ye Tian er seemed to pause deliberately, and then continued Lu Shuo, what is a good number for blood sugar is 174 high for blood sugar didn t you notice Since you came, my life has been changing.Whether it is joy, pain, worry or happiness, it is constantly changing.I admit that these are things I have never experienced before.However, I am a simple person and I don t want to live such a complicated life.I like Rin.I just want to like him quietly.Since they were what brings down blood sugar naturally blocking Ye what is normal fasting blood sugar level what does a blood sugar spike feel like Tianer s Ice and Fire Infinite Arrow at this time, they had no time to defend themselves.Who would have thought that Lu Shuo s dagger could launch a second attack after Lu Shuo s attack.After all, they were just low level soul beasts, and their intelligence was far from comparable to humans.Next, the results are naturally imaginable.The ten silver daggers infused with soul power were all inserted into the bodies of the ten black poisonous scorpions.Immediately, blood spattered everywhere, and their bodies could not stop convulsing, which was exactly the same as the symptoms of the four black poisonous scorpions that had died previously.Chapter 55 Black Vortex, Prelude to Awakening Update time 2011 10 05 what is normal fasting blood sugar level The next moment, Lu Shuo put away the fear in his heart, and quickly released his star soul.At this moment, since the Yellow Star Intermediate Soul Beast has locked onto them, even if they want to escape, it will not be that easy.After a while, a huge scorpion like soul beast finally emerged from the bushes in the distance, it was the Sky Demon Scorpion King.The Sky Demon Scorpion King is much larger than the Black what is normal fasting blood sugar level Poison Scorpion King.of.Later, Lu Shuo did not dissuade Luo Yan anymore.Maybe she was right.A real team and real partners have experienced life and death together.People are often like this.Only when facing life and death, their essence will change.Only then would they show it without missing a beat.What Lu Shuo and the others showed was undoubtedly the most precious friendship.Okay, let s fight together until the end Lu Shuo said.The three of them nodded at the same time, and there was no longer any feeling of fear in their hearts.Black light flashed in his eyes, and then he shouted loudly.A black what is normal fasting blood sugar level vortex appeared on his right hand, and The second star what is normal fasting blood sugar level soul in his body is exactly the same, like a demon with life.The moment the black vortex appeared, the Scorpion King s joy disappeared and was replaced by infinite panic and fear.Because at this moment, the what is normal fasting blood sugar level soul power in the what is normal fasting blood sugar level Sky Demon Scorpion King s body was flowing rapidly, and all the gray soul power flowed into Lu Shuo s body along what is normal fasting blood sugar level its tail hook, as fast as running water.Gan Chai s hand what is a good number for blood sugar is 174 high for blood sugar flowed into Lu Shuo s chest and body.After a while, a look of horror appeared is 174 high for blood sugar mayo clinic glucose levels on the old man s face, which turned into an expression of extreme solemnity.How could this happen His body is so broken that it can recover automatically.Even injuries to the left atrium can recover automatically.This does quinoa increase blood sugar is too powerful, and the speed of recovery is so fast that even I I m afraid I m ashamed of myself.At this point, the old man paused deliberately, then took a deep breath, and his solemn expression turned into surprise again, as if he had never encountered such a thing in his life.He never thought that the girl in front of him would make such a rude request.But then he turned indifferent, smiled slightly, and said lightly Miss Hanying, why should I be your slave This society does not seem to be a slave society.Hanying snorted lightly, Pouting her sexy little mouth, she said Yes, this society is indeed not a slave society, but this society is a world where strength and status are respected.As long as you have enough strength, you will become the landlord of this world, and other People will become your slaves.

Suddenly, a poppy spore appeared Something in the shape appeared on Han Yao s body, wrapping her tightly together.The next moment the purple winged vines wrapped around Poppy Fortress, they all fell off, just like the scene when fighting the Black Poison Scorpion.Lu Shuo was slightly startled, then regained his composure.At this time, Han Yao, who had broken free from the entanglement of Zihun, fiercely attacked Lu Shuo again, still waving the black sword in her hand.Lu Shuo, I must teach you a lesson He shouted angrily while rushing Secretaría de Desarrollo Sustentable what is normal fasting blood sugar level towards Lu Shuo.Oh By the way, Cat, let s eat together, you re welcome Cat nodded and what level of blood sugar is dangerous low licked He licked his small mouth and said, Brother, you re so kind.You re welcome, cat After saying that, the cat picked up the spoon and ate it like a hungry wolf, but even so, the cat was still like that Cute and innocent, this may be the so called lolicon.Lu Shuo also started to eat.Every time he ate, he felt what is normal fasting blood sugar level blood sugar levels 2 hours after eating normal as if he had returned to his hometown and to the earth.That familiar taste, that lingering taste is Secretaría de Desarrollo Sustentable what is normal fasting blood sugar level exactly the same as what I did in the previous life.Touching the note in his arms, Lu Shuo suddenly shuddered.He could imagine the consequences of going back now.He would definitely be scolded by Han Yao, but there was nothing he could do if he didn t reply.After all, his life was still in Han Qianyu s hands.Now, all I can do is quickly buy the things Han Ying needs and go back immediately.Brother Lu Shuo, why are you so dazed Mao er raised his head and looked at Lu Shuo with his big watery eyes in confusion.Lu Shuo came back to his senses, smiled, and then said Mao er, it s so late, you should go home.At this time, he was looking at Lu Shuo with contempt and shaking his head.Apparently, he heard all the conversations between Lu Shuo and the boss.When Han Ying saw the young man, the young man also happened to look at Han Ying.The two looked at each other, and Han Ying immediately turned her head away, as if they had known each other for a long time.Lu Shuo frowned slightly, and his voice cgm blood sugar monitor what is normal fasting blood sugar level seemed to be raised a bit on purpose.He said loudly to the young man I am a painter, and I am also the best painter As soon as Lu Shuo said this, he immediately It attracted many people around, and when the young man heard the words the best painter , the look of disdain on his face became more intense, It s really shameless.However, at this time, when leaving, let alone teaching Maoer how to draw, he could not even see her for the last time.Thinking of this, Lu Shuo felt even more disappointed.Walking lonely on Yunli Street, thinking about that lovely figure, how he wished the cat could appear in front of him right now and hear the cat call him, Brother Lu Shuo.However, maybe it was a fateful meeting.The how to diagnose diabetes encounter was destined to be acquaintance and does tea increase blood sugar level encounter for a lifetime, or perhaps it is 174 high for blood sugar mayo clinic glucose levels was the roulette wheel of fate that had already been determined.Of course, the real situation was not what Han Ying said.How could this happen Lu Shuo squatted down quickly, Come on, let me see Like a conditioned reflex, Han Ying immediately retracted her right foot, and then explained No need to look, that, I can feel it , I m afraid my foot won t be healed for a while. What should I do I haven t seen your herbs with my own eyes.How about I help you go back and we can come back tomorrow Han Ying shook her head, How can that work I m in a hurry to use it Let me see, as for you, carry me on your back and let me be your eyes to look for the herbs, and you can just help me pull out the herbs.The man in black jumped up and what is normal fasting blood sugar level was already ten meters away from Lu Shuo.He showed a cold smile and said to Lu Shuo Mr.Lu Shuo, I think you are no match for us.It s better what is the best blood sugar level for diabetics what is normal fasting blood sugar level to surrender as soon as possible and go back with me.Don t think about it Lu Shuo covered the wound and fiercely The way.Really Then look As he said that, the man in black pointed in the direction of Han Ying.I saw Han Ying had been knocked to the ground, covered in blood, the vest on his body had disappeared, there were a few scars on his long white legs, the black sword in his hand had disappeared, and another man in black was at this time He was what is a good number for blood sugar is 174 high for blood sugar stepping on her body, preventing her from moving.

Compared with the previous purple Wing rattan, at this time, the purple wing rattan is thicker and more numerous, and there is faint traces of purple gray air flowing on it, and the initial end of the rattan is bent into a hook shape, like The Demonic Scorpion King s tail hook is like that.That s right, after Lu Shuo evolved into the Purple Winged Scorpion, his first soul skill, Purple Soul Coil, also evolved and became the Sky Demon Scorpion Whip.Then, the Demonic Scorpion Whip began to spiral, like a hurricane, facing the phantom killing streak of the man in black.But as Han Ying cried Wow , Lu Shuo returned to normal.Lu Shuo comforted Han Ying while stroking Secretaría de Desarrollo Sustentable what is normal fasting blood sugar level her curly hair.Okay, okay, it s okay, don t cry Lu Shuo suddenly realized how pitiable the always willful and domineering girl in front of him was at this moment, and the crystal clear tears fell on him, which made him even more sad.into his heart.Afterwards, Lu Shuo picked up Han Ying s fallen top, put it on her snow white body, hugged Han Ying tightly, and didn t say any words of comfort, what is normal fasting blood sugar level just letting Han Ying cry heartily in his arms.Han Ying still maintained her previous posture, with a rose like flush on her white and tender skin.Her breathing was slightly softer than before.Lu Shuo could clearly see her tempting breasts.The faint bruises on the delicate body, especially the dense hickeys on the long and beautiful neck like a swan, are these all done by yourself Han Ying s body was so alluring.At this sight, Lu Shuo s body that he had just suppressed was about to move again.He was startled, and quickly took out a piece of clothing from his Mohuang ring and threw it to Han Ying s side, Put on your clothes first.No what is the best blood sugar level for diabetics what is normal fasting blood sugar level need to say sorry, it was my choice, so you don t have to blame yourself Lu Shuo didn t expect that Han Ying wouldn t blame herself.After all, physical purity is so important to a girl.Even if Han Ying didn t blame him, Lu Shuo still couldn t forgive herself.He still lowered his head and was full of emotions.Regretfully said No Sakura, it s my fault, I m a beast, I deserve to die How could I cgm blood sugar monitor what is normal fasting blood sugar level do this to you, and almost destroy your chastity, I really deserve to die Sakura, what do you think Hit me or scold me if you want, just go ahead.Lu Shuo replied It was my fault just now.My violation of you was an act of a beast, not just because of Tian er.Han Ying shook her head, I don t think so.I believe that another man would be even more beastly than you.At least you can control yourself at the last moment.From this point of view, it means that I, Han Ying, am not wrong.People, and the most important thing is that you are the person that I, Hanying, like, and I, Hanying, am willing.Chapter 87 Departure Update time 2011 10 21 The person you like, for yourself, do Everything is right and good, Lu Shuo understands it deeply, just like Ye Tian er treated him back then, what is a good number for blood sugar is 174 high for blood sugar no matter how he beat or scolded him, Lu Shuo never complained at all, and this is how Han Ying behaves now.Brother Han, little Lu Shuo, come with me.After saying that, Tianyu led Han Qianyu and Lu Shuo towards Qiankun Academy.After walking into Qiankun Academy, Lu Shuo knew what the Imperial First Academy was.Just like its name, it encompassed Qian and Kun, heaven and earth.The magnificent buildings rose from the ground, and the majestic teaching buildings, Comfortable and beautiful apartments, spacious avenues, fragrant food streets, thick trees, quiet small forests, sparkling small lakes, huge training grounds, and even pavilions, chess, calligraphy and painting places , is like a small city, comparable to the Huaxia Academy in the previous life.What attracted Lu Shuo most was that the young man had an exquisite and perfect face, as if he had been blessed by God.He was arrogant and had an unrivaled noble temperament.He walked up to Lu Shuo elegantly, gave a polite salute, and what is normal fasting blood sugar level then said Hello, my name is Gongsun Jing.I am eighteen years old.I am a twenty eight star soul master, a top star soul, and the Sky Winged Tiger of Judgment.At the same time, I am also an intermediate painter.You are welcome to join me When I heard this from the painter, With these two words, Lu Shuo seemed to have seen a relative, and immediately said enthusiastically Really I am also a painter Gongsun Jing s lips curled up slightly, obviously a little surprised by Lu Shuo s sudden answer, but also a little surprised.

His personality was so outgoing, and he was filled with all kinds of crooked things.things.Lu Shuo tried his best to make his expression serious, and then said again Okay Qiye, don t make random guesses.I m just curious about Teacher Bing Ning s strength and identity, so I want to know more about it and satisfy my curiosity.Heart.Seeing Lu Shuo s serious look, Qiye was still a little unruly, and then said with a naughty smile I understand, are you full of curiosity about Sister Bingshan s age It doesn t matter, age is not a problem, let s talk about it.Except for Lu Shuo, the other seven people here all heard it and couldn t help but look at each other secretly.Since Lu Shuo had just arrived, he thought it was just a concern and greeting from his superiors to his subordinates, and thought it was just a normal thing.Then he smiled at Ling Siyu and said, Well, I understand.Thank you You re welcome Lu Shuo looked at Lu Shuo.With a sunny smile, Ling Siyu s beautiful face suddenly became blushing.Even she herself didn t know why it was like this.Immediately, he lowered his head and started eating.Then what do you think the teacher wants to do with Lu Shuo You know, apart from Si Yu, the teacher has never approached any of us alone Gongsun Jing asked.Yitian thought for a while, and then said I don t know.It s hard for the teacher to guess what s in her heart.Maybe we can just let Lu Shuo go and take a look.That s right Lu Shuo nodded, Okay, Then which one of you will take me to Teacher Bing Ning s room Qiye next to him immediately raised his hand, Of course it s me Lu Shuo glanced at Secretaría de Desarrollo Sustentable what is normal fasting blood sugar level him lightly, Then let s go Okay said After finishing, Qiye took Lu Shuo towards Bing Ning s room.At this can a stomach ulcer cause high blood sugar moment, a trace of unprecedented loss suddenly appeared in her eyes.Teacher Lu Shuo raised his voice by one decibel. Bing Ning suddenly woke up from her memories, her expression was a little strange, and she hurriedly looked away from Lu .

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Shuo.He said to everyone Lu Shuo is right.I came here today to announce something important.After saying this, Bing Ning glanced at the nine people in front of him again, and then said firmly I declare that from now on, I, Bing Ning, will no longer be your teacher, and you must leave the Soul Demon Palace immediately.Ling Siyu said loudly.Everyone nodded.As the last task Bing Ning gave them, it was also a task they had to complete.They had the responsibility and reason to complete it perfectly.Then the three what is normal fasting blood sugar level blood sugar levels 2 hours after eating normal groups dispersed and started walking in different directions.Lu Shuo, Qi Ye and Da Xiong were in a group.Qiye looked at Daxiong fiercely, Daxiong, you ungrateful guy, you actually revealed all the scandals you knew in front of what is normal fasting blood sugar level Bawanghua and Ying er.You really wanted to make me look embarrassed, right Daxiong looked a little embarrassed.They were happy for Qiye.Lu Shuo said to him Qiye, what are you still stunned what is normal fasting blood sugar level for Absorb the soul energy quickly Qiye came back to his senses, Yeah So, he immediately took out his claws from the body of the Flame Demon Lion.Then he sat cross legged and began to absorb the soul energy of the Flame Demon Lion.At this point, the battle with the Flame Demon Lion finally ends.Lu Shuo s injuries were mostly recovered, and the star soul was retracted.He walked to Daxiong s side.At this time, Daxiong was sitting on the ground panting, and the star soul had also been retracted.I really admire you Then he immediately what is normal fasting blood sugar level said Big Bear, what is normal fasting blood sugar level get up quickly.You can t be hit at this time Otherwise, you will I really will never be able to eat anything.As soon as he mentioned food, Big Bear stood up immediately.The next second, the Scorpio Demonic Whip wrapped around Black Tiger Blast Bear had been broken free, and almost all of it was destroyed.Then, Black Tiger Boom Bear quickly turned around and looked at Lu what is normal fasting blood sugar level Shuo.Feeling Lu Shuo s suddenly mutated body and the sudden increase in soul power level, Black Tiger Boom Bear had a trace of doubt in his eyes, but it was only for a brief moment.

If he was really attacked, he would only die.However, the next moment, before Lu Shuo and Da Xiong could stand still, the Black Tiger Boom Bear in the distance once again slapped its two front paws off the ground, but this time the force used was obviously greater.Suddenly, the one and a half foot high earth wall surged towards the big tree where Lu Shuo stood like waves again.Without any hesitation, Lu Shuo grabbed the big bear with one hand and the purple winged vine with the other, and quickly jumped down.Suddenly, like a water pipe bursting, dark red blood spurted out from Black Tiger Blast Bear s eyes.Even though Black Tiger Boom Bear s body defense is extremely strong, as Lu Shuo said, everything in the world has its own weaknesses, and Black Tiger Boom Bear s weakness is obviously its head.If the what is the best blood sugar level for diabetics what is normal fasting blood sugar level head shrinks, , the weakest point is obviously its eyes.And what such an injury caused to Black Tiger Blast Bear was obviously blindness.Roar The severe pain and sudden blindness in both eyes made Black Tiger Bakubear extremely angry.Like a soul, a faint black air evaporated from his body, and then turned into a thick black mist, swirling and rising, looking extremely strange.Chapter 117 Headshot Scorpio Demonic Ax Update time 2011 11 05 Then, after a plop sound, the black tiger and the what is normal fasting blood sugar level explosive bear knelt down on the ground, its whole body still trembling., was convulsing, but there was no black air coming out, as if he had lost all strength in an instant, and was so soft that he fell to the ground.At this moment, the three Devil Soul eating Pills had obviously taken effect.Then silence began to spread, like the calm after a storm.After a moment, three figures gradually appeared next to Black Tiger Baoxiong.They were none other than Lu Shuo and the others.After they felt the power of the Earth Soul s Crazy Continuous Kill, they immediately fled to the high branches.Although the Earth Soul s Crazy Continuous Kill was a large scale soul skill, it was relative to the ground after all.The attacks from the soil cone were relatively few, so Lu Shuo and the others immediately fled to the highest branches.Like the color of its body, it turned out to be a light You must know that the levels of soul beasts are divided according to the colors of the seven color rainbow.In other words, the colors of the air flowing around the soul beast are nothing more than the eight colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and white.At this time, the fox that appeared in their sight had an air current flowing around it that exceeded the classification of soul beasts.A gray star soul beast What level These two questions appeared in the minds of six people almost at the same time.At this moment, Ling Siyu didn t expect that gray soul essence could rise to the level of white soul essence.You know, that was equivalent to the energy of a holy beast.For a great soul master with only thirty six stars, absorbing the soul essence of why blood sugar won go down a holy beast was almost impossible.There is only one result, and that is death by body explosion.On the Tianxing Continent, this is an indisputable fact, because according .

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to historical records, there has not been any soul master below the soul emperor who can absorb the soul essence of the holy beast Qiye and Daxiong also foreshadowed Lu Shuo s danger, but Qiye knew that speaking to Lu Shuo at this time would have no effect at all, because he knew that Lu Shuo s five senses had all disappeared.At this time, the sun has set and the sky is gradually darkening.The campus is full of glucose low blood test students, some going to eat, some couples walking, and some can high blood sugar cause passing out chatting, in groups.The nine of them were extremely conspicuous walking on the huge campus.Each one had their own characteristics, different looks, and different clothing styles.They were beautiful women, handsome men, thin people, fat people.They covered half of their faces and looked solemn., unconscious, such a combination naturally attracts students passing by them.

Tianyu looked at Ling Siyu s what is normal fasting blood sugar level determined expression and wondered.She should be what is normal fasting blood sugar level happy or distressed, but no matter what, she was proud of having such a daughter.Siyu, no matter what path you choose in the future, mom will support you However, what mom wants to tell you is that a woman s happiest pursuit is not any strength or material satisfaction, but to have a true love in this life.You and the man you truly love, at that time, you will realize that all strength and material satisfaction are false, and an ordinary life is the happiest thing.As Ling Siyu s mother, Tianyu naturally noticed the change in Ling Siyu s expression, and then said Siyu, tell mom, do you already have someone you like Is he from your soul demon class Ling Siyu came back to her senses instantly and shook her what is the best blood sugar level for diabetics what is normal fasting blood sugar level head quickly, No, how could it be I have only one goal, and that is to become a soul shadow.As for these other feelings, let s talk about it later Although Ling Siyu said this, Tianyu But it can still be seen that she is hiding something.Mother always knows her daughter best.Forty eight years old, eighty three star soul saint.The middle aged man smiled and said, Good boy, I really can t hide anything from you It s like this.About a year ago, one of the twelve star seals sealed above the Demon Sealing Mountain Range suddenly disappeared.You also know that the Demon Sealing Mountain Range is It is the first of the nine forbidden areas in the Tianxing Continent.The Twelve Star Seals were the final power of the Twelve Star Gods to seal monsters.There were countless monsters sealed among them.Our family s inherited soul skill is different from other families.The inherited soul technique can only be inherited by the direct lineage, and must be taught by the elders to the young.But these are not important.The most important thing is that the blood soul technique of our family is not a real soul technique at all.So it brings us not only benefits, but also disadvantages that threaten our lives.Isn t it a real soul technique Yes At this time, Xue Mu seemed to recall something and paused., continued About our family s Blood Soul Technique, I m afraid it can be traced back to the ancestors of our Blood Clan.He didn t know what happened last night, what is a good number for blood sugar is 174 high for blood sugar but what he knew was that he was safe and sound.Since he had arrived at Qiankun Academy, it meant The soul obsessed demon class have completed the final mission assigned to them by Bing Ning.At this time, perhaps they all went home.Thinking of going home, Lu Shuo suddenly felt so lonely.Everyone else in Soul Demon s class had gone home, but he could never go back to his hometown.He thought of Aunt Li Yun, all the things on the earth, and even thought of He saw his parents whom he had met in his dream, and a trace of sadness suddenly arose in his heart.The woman seemed a little embarrassed by Lu Shuo s look, and quickly turned back to look at Ling Siyu.Ling Siyu stepped forward and said Hey Lu Shuo, what are you doing Chapter 132 Appearance Ling Sirou Part 2 Update time 2011 11 12 Hearing Ling Siyu s At the sound of the voice, Lu Shuo woke up from the beauty of the woman in white, smiled awkwardly, and then continued to apologize to the woman in white next to him I m sorry, I bumped into you just now because I was walking too fast.If I offended you, please forgive me.I am also a painter.Although my painter level is not high, cgm blood sugar monitor what is normal fasting blood sugar level but I But my eye for appreciating paintings is top notch.You know When does propranolol raise blood sugar I saw that painting for the first time, I was shocked.My first feeling at that time was that this must be the work of the current painting god for my mother.But when my mother told me about it, I realized that this painting was actually painted what is normal fasting blood sugar level by a beggar who was only sixteen years old.Suddenly, I stayed there, and I was in great shock.As a fellow painter, I understood very well that I could paint such a unique work at the age of sixteen.

At this point, the third level of immortality training was also completed, and the immortal phantom was successfully refined.At this time, Lu Shuo only needs a thought to create three immortal phantoms of himself.The soul power and combat power are equally divided.The duration is one minute.If two of the immortal phantoms are killed by the enemy during this period, then Lu Shuo s body will how can you test your blood sugar be destroyed.will automatically restore to its original appearance.There are nine levels in the forbidden soul art of immortality, and refining the immortal phantom is only the third level.In his previous life, Lu Shuo had held his own solo exhibitions many times.Lu Shuo was very good at giving lectures on painting or introducing knowledge related to painting techniques.Otherwise, he would be worthy of the title of God of Painting.Ling Silou also listened extremely seriously.She was a painter, and her pursuit was to become the best painting god.Although someone had taught her various painting techniques in the past, but since she saw Lu Shuo s After painting, she never looked for any painter to teach her again, because she knew that except for the painting god in this world, no one could surpass Lu Shuo s painting skills.The balance of the continent is an eternal balance.Anyone who wants to break it will have to bear the punishment they deserve.Then, The Barma Empire and the Star Luo Empire were preparing to launch war against the Kannau Empire again.However, when the army led by Barma reached the Demon Sealing Mountains, they were suddenly ambushed by the Kannau Empire.Then, the army, which was originally the same as the Barma Empire, The Xingluo Empire in the camp actually turned against the Shenwu Empire and began to join forces to attack the Barma Empire.Tianyu paused, and Lu Shuo couldn t wait to ask What prophecy Does this prophecy have something to do with me Tianyu nodded, then stroked Lu Shuo s purple hair again, and smiled at him gently.Laughing, There are only eight words in this prophecy.Sealing, catastrophe, two souls, destiny As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Shuo s heart finally couldn t calm down anymore, Two souls He understood the meaning of Tianyu, two souls., obviously referring to himself, so what do Fengshui and fate mean Lu Shuo frowned, Aunt Tianyu, can you explain to me what these eight characters mean What do these eight characters have to do with me Tianyu sighed deeply and said lightly Back then, Brother Ban left us after saying these eight words.Fate does not need to be explained.The wheel of fate has always been unexplainable.In the end, we came to the conclusion One conclusion is that the person with the dual star soul is likely to be the child of destiny who saves the continent from disaster, and this person is probably you, Lu Shuo.Me Save the continent The child of destiny Lu Shuo pointed at himself, in disbelief.repeated.Tianyu nodded vigorously, Yes, you, save the continent, the child of destiny Lu Shuo immediately shook his head, and then said in a funny tone No way, it s impossible Aunt Tianyu, how could I be the child what is the normal range of blood of destiny, aunt You also know that in a sense, I no longer have a so called double star soul.I really don t know what he is plotting.Lu Shuo nodded, Yes, the enemies hiding in the dark are the most terrifying.Then, Tianyu took a deep breath and exhaled it slowly, seeming to relax himself deliberately, Okay, Lu Shuo, let s not talk about this anymore, you just have to do what you want to do.That s fine.Don t put any pressure on what Auntie said today, okay Work hard for what you want to what is normal fasting blood sugar level blood sugar levels 2 hours after eating normal protect.Lu Shuo showed his signature smile and felt much more relaxed, Well, I understand, auntie.At this time, Tianyu paused, and suddenly thought of his daughter Ling Silou, and what Lu Shuo said just now about the people he wanted to protect, so he immediately asked Lu Shuo, can you tell Auntie you Who is the person you want to protect Lu Shuo was stunned.Ling Siyu looked at it for a few times and then handed it to the next person.Just like that, after going around in a circle, no one ordered, still Returned to Gongsun Jing s hands.Gongsun Jing smiled without saying anything, and then pointed to the menu and asked for can high blood sugar levels cause nausea a few dishes.It had to be said that Gongsun Jing was too rich.The blood sugar alcohol and diabetes price of each dish exceeded one thousand catties of star coins.To them, That s a sky high price.After ordering a few dishes, he said to the waiter We are all young people.

So, the final result was that Ling Siyu passed out drunk.Chapter 145 The seemingly confession of the three women Part 1 Update time 2011 12 02 Everyone looked at Ling Siyu s drunken look and felt extremely helpless.Gongsun Jing was the first to speak Lu Shuo, I You should send Siyu back, she can t go back like this.Lu Shuo pointed at himself in surprise, Why me Qiye added angrily, If it wasn t you, it would be us.Boss Ling is like this all because of you.Yitian nodded immediately, According to my analysis, Siyu must have wanted you to give it to her.They represented the entire Qiankun Academy to participate in the Tianhun Conference, so it was inevitable that there would blood sugar drop during sleep be many fans, no The students outside the classroom were already surrounded by people from Qiankun Academy, who were obviously here to cheer them on.I didn t expect that we diet to reduce blood sugar have become big stars.I think there must be many beauties silently admiring me.Wow, I am so happy.After this Tianhun Conference, I will find many beautiful beauties to be mine.Girlfriend.Qiye looked a little nymphomaniac.Lu Shuo smiled awkwardly, and then nodded slightly, for fear that Lan Ying er would say something that shouldn t be said to everyone again, but, Fortunately, is 123 fasting blood sugar normal Lan Ying er didn t say anything.However, looking at Lan Ying er s affectionate eyes, it was probably impossible for others to think that there was something between the two of them.While speaking, Lu Shuo had already moved his eyes inadvertently.When it came Secretaría de Desarrollo Sustentable what is normal fasting blood sugar level to Ling Siyu, Ling Siyu didn t look at Lu Shuo.Ever since Lu Shuo sent Ling Siyu back to the Soul Sect after coming out of the Tianxing Hotel last time, the two of them had never spoken again, and they didn t know what happened.The emperor s pressure instantly broke through the suppression brought by the fire scale armor, forcing Lu Tian to take three steps back.At this moment, Lu Tian was no longer surprised, but rather frightened.The sudden pressure actually made him feel breathless.The surrounding fire elements seemed to be frightened what is normal fasting blood sugar level and immediately became quiet.Lu Tian s combat power was also instantly reduced by 20 , his fighting spirit disappeared, and even The fiery red sword in Lu Tian s hand was trembling slightly.Moreover, what surprised Lu Shuo even more was that at this cgm blood sugar monitor what is normal fasting blood sugar level time, the surrounding fire elements seemed to be burning again.They all broke away from the imperial pressure of Ziyihua and became violently restless again, and they were all moving at extremely fast speeds.The speed poured into Lu Tian s fire scale armor, and the entrance was the golden tiger head on his chest.Lu Shuo still didn t move, he was still observing.Then, a is 174 high for blood sugar mayo clinic glucose levels scene that surprised Lu Shuo and everyone watching their game began to appear, and Lu Tian looked up to the sky and roared.Tianyu smiled slightly and said to the old man in white robe beside him How s it going, Dean Xiulin Is the result beyond your expectation Xiulin in Tianyu s mouth didn t say anything more, but just said to when is best time to check blood sugar Lu Shuo in Lushuo Square.Shuo frowned.Others may not know what is going on, but Tianyu naturally understands that for Lu Shuo, who has a what is the best blood sugar level for diabetics what is normal fasting blood sugar level super star soul and twelve purple soul wings, how can he be afraid of such an ordinary flame, let alone such a flame, even a high level flame Flames are also useless against Ziyihua.Moreover, the way you self destructed the armor seems to have had a lot of backlash on yourself, right Lu Tian gradually woke up from his sluggishness and lowered his head silently., I, I, admit defeat.He is also a star soul master in his thirties.But the young man in front of him who was younger than himself gave him an unfathomable feeling.He is like a treasure that can never be unearthed, constantly showing off his abilities bit by bit.Just like Yu Wenlin said.Lu Shuo never did anything he was unsure about, and today was no exception.

Following the direction in which Ye Tian er left, Lu Shuo also knew the rest area where she was.However, just when he reached the center of Haotian Square, Lu Shuo s steps came to an abrupt halt, because at this moment, when he was about to meet Ye Tian er, he suddenly remembered when they parted three years ago.What Ye Tian er said to himself.Everyone, please collect it Chapter 159 A can drinking water lower blood sugar Affectionate Kiss Update time 2011 11 25 I want you to leave here, leave here forever, that way, blood sugar levels non diabetic I will be happy Lu Shuo , didn t you notice Since you came, my life has been changing.However, what everyone did not expect, not even Yi Tong, was that the moment the giant rose whip touched the black light wheel, the black light wheel shattered so easily, as if it was completely killed instantly.There was no blocking force, and then, the what is normal fasting blood sugar level blood sugar levels 2 hours after eating normal giant purple rose whip continued to shoot towards Yitian.Suddenly, almost everyone was shocked again, because at this time, Yitian had become a situation where there was a wolf in front of him and a tiger behind him.Everyone is worried about Yitian s situation.A smile appeared on the corner of Yang Qi s mouth.In his opinion, this competition was The fight is about to end with Yi Tian being injured.Yang Qi has always been arrogant.Even when facing the Qi clan with the same status as his own family, he did not notice at all that there was no trace of panic in Yitian s calm expression at this time.To be more precise, That calm expression should be telling a kind of strategizing.The next second, at this critical moment, Yitian quickly stretched out his left hand and slammed it to the ground.Ling Siyu rolled her eyes at Lu Shuo and said, I ve been thinking about some inappropriate things all day long, huh After saying that, Ling Siyu turned her head sharply.Lu Shuo felt cgm blood sugar monitor what is normal fasting blood sugar level depressed for a while and said secretly How did I offend her Chapter 168 Return to Qiankun Academy with Lu Shuo Updated 2011 11 29 Qiye looked at Lu Shuo angrily.Are you really stupid or are you pretending to be stupid You didn t see that Bawanghua has been angry with you these days.You said you are also really stupid.Moreover, the tent was very high, what food can reduce blood sugar directly touching Ye Tianer s lower abdomen.Without saying anything, Lu Shuo immediately moved aside.Well, that Tian er, I how to cure low blood sugar didn t mean it, don t mind, okay Although Ye Tian er was a little shy, after all, the two of them had established a relationship, and he smiled suddenly, It doesn t matter, who made me yours As for my girlfriend, but but you are indeed quite sexy.Last night you said that you would sleep with me in your arms honestly, but you would not be honest before I woke up in the morning, huh With the conscience of heaven and earth, I will definitely I have no intention of violating Tian er at all Lu Shuo said seriously.At the same time, his body seemed to be much expanded than before.The eyes have turned a faint green, and the sharp claws protruding from the fingers of both hands are shining with a faint cold light.At the first moment, he was already running in the direction of Sikong Youtian.Looking at the rushing Wang Yi, Sikong Youtian snorted coldly, You don t overestimate your capabilities Compared with Wang Yi s change after releasing the star soul, Sikong Youtian s change was really great, and his whole person exuded a With an arrogant and domineering air, his originally blue hair instantly turned into long black hair, and his eyes turned into a bloodthirsty amlodipine and high blood sugar dark red.Now, the promotion competition is actually a showdown between the younger generation of truly powerful Star Soul Masters, let us wait and see.Chapter 179 Twenty five Powerful Star Soul Masters Update time is 174 high for blood sugar mayo clinic glucose levels 2011 12 08 Basic information of the participating soul masters who entered the promotion competition No.15 Lu Shuo, 21 years old, low level star soul, purple Yihua, a thirty seven star great soul master, comes from Qiankun Academy.Disclaimer These information are all from the hands of the judges No.

No.789 Yue Luo, 23 years old, senior star soul, sunset staff, thirty seven star great soul master, from Ten Thousand Tools Academy.No.44 what does it mean to have high blood sugar levels Gui Luo, twenty two years old, top star soul, dead soul bone, thirty seven star great soul master, from Gui Ya Academy.No.1001 Sui, 21 years old, intermediate star soul, Mandala Flower 36 star great soul master, from Ghost Fang Academy.No.525 Lin Dong, 23 years old, intermediate star soul, meteor hammer, thirty seven star great soul master, from Star Emperor Academy.Lu Shuo is fine, but to For Ling Silou, how could she bear not being able to see the person she admired, so today, she decided to come to Haotian Plaza with Ling Siyu, and under the guise of accompanying Ling Siyu, she came here to visit.Lu Shuo, even though she doesn t like such a scene.Hello everyone, I m here to watch everyone s game with Si Yu Ling Silou said softly.Chapter 181 Lei Ji s hands VS Lei Ji s right hand Part 1 Update time 2011 12 09 Several people smiled at the same time to show their goodwill to Ling Silou, and Ling Si Rou s eyes always stayed on Lu Shuo.Skilled users can even predict the opponent s position at is 174 high for blood sugar mayo clinic glucose levels the next moment.It also has the effect of seeing through the enemy s strength.It is said that, The highest state of Tianji Eye is that the eyes can see things within a radius of 1 kilometer.At the same time, it has a nearly 360 viewing angle, and can see the enemy s various moves clearly from 360 degrees.It is definitely a top notch soul skill.Tianji Eye The next moment they started, Yu Wenlin and Yu Wenran rushed towards each other quickly, almost twice as fast as before.After the soul skill is activated, it is also a close range attack soul skill, and close combat is inevitable again.Be careful I will not be merciful.Holding Lei Bao s hands, Yu Wenlin said coldly.Yu Wenran smiled faintly, It doesn t matter, I will do my best.The next moment, the two people rushed towards each other quickly.The difference between top soul skills and advanced soul skills is not only the various attacks, defenses or other effects attached to it, but also its powerful aura.In what is a good number for blood sugar is 174 high for blood sugar fact, Soul skills are also like a star soul, possessing the suppression of level aura.No.796 vs.No.436 No.796 Tera Matata, 23 years old, intermediate what is normal fasting blood sugar level star soul, Black Cloud Leopard, 37 star great soul master, from Shenghua Academy.No.436 Xiu Men, 22 years old, top star soul, arbiter of the blazing is 174 high for blood sugar sun Light Flame Sword, thirty nine star great soul master, from the Academy of Ten Thousand Tools.Shenghua College, an intermediate college in the Guderi Empire, is generally not very strong.It is lucky to enter the advancement competition, but it does not seem to be that easy to enter the next advancement competition, because His opponent, the Star Soul Master from Ten Thousand Tools Academy, was very powerful.She knew that Lu Shuo The thing that a low blood sugar Lu Shuo wanted to protect was her, so she hugged Lu Shuo tightly.Without any further thought, the Star Soul Ice Fire Demon Fox was released at the same time, standing side by side with Lu Shuo, ready what is normal fasting blood sugar level for battle.At this moment, she what is normal fasting blood sugar level was not afraid of anything, not even death.Because she can have .

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such a person who loves her regardless of everything in this life, she has no regrets in this life.Sen Luo 132 mg/dl glucose was stunned for a moment, as if it was a conditioned reaction.A nickname.Bai Jiu glanced at the weak Mao er, glanced at the others, and then focused his attention on Sen Luo.He frowned slightly and said, Sen Luo, it s been a long time.I didn t expect you to be alive.I Of course I m alive.How could this world be wonderful without my Sen Luo presence What do you think Brother Bai Jiu Although Sen Luo s voice was hoarse, there was a hint of sissy in the hoarseness.The taste sounds extremely strange.Bai Jiu snorted coldly, what is normal fasting blood sugar level Huh, don t call me brother.You are not worthy of being in the Star Soul Master world, and this world does not need what happens to blood sugar when you exercise your existence.

Lu Shuo was a little helpless.He didn t want to ask for help, so what should he do How should he face it He is thinking about the powerful Senluo As for when Lu Shuo will think about a result, I am afraid it will have watch that tells blood sugar to wait until the Tianhun Conference is over.Everyone is looking forward to it Chapter 191 The legendary soul master Update time 2011 12 19 Soon, they Secretaría de Desarrollo Sustentable what is normal fasting blood sugar level had returned to Qiankun College and walked into Qianhun Apartment.Ye Tianer helped Lu Shuo to the sofa.Zhou Xingxing s eyes lit up and he stared blankly at the place where Lu Shuo lived.Mao er smiled slightly, How can Mao er know how to travel through space Mao er only activates the inherited soul skills of our family.Name It is called space teleportation, which means teleporting from one place to another, but the prerequisite is that these two places must have the teleportation circle we set up.However, there is an exception.If it is a direct lineage of our family, does baking soda control blood sugar you can get space.There is a special soul skill in teleportation called Any Door.Through the Any Door, within a short distance, we can travel to the other party by sensing the other party s mental power.A new self suddenly jumped to both sides.The main body was directly shot through his chest by the unicorn laser beam.Shocking, absolutely shocking.For a moment, the audience in the stands seemed to have exploded, talking enthusiastically.Even a star soul master can see that Lu Shuo did not activate any soul skills will coke zero raise blood sugar at all.Obviously such a clone does not belong to the category of soul skills at all.So, the only explanation is that Lu Shuo used the master s own soul skills.But even if you are a master of soul skills, there are very few soul skills like this.You must kiss the cat, so that it will appear that we have a good relationship.Speechless, absolutely speechless Mao er didn food to avoid for high blood sugar t know anything about the feelings between men and women.He was so naive and stupid, so silly and so cute.Lu Shuo hesitated, wanting to say something but afraid of letting Mao er misunderstand it again.At this time, Ye Tianer said Mao cgm blood sugar monitor what is normal fasting blood sugar level er, sister Tian er tells you that as a girl, you can t kiss boys casually, let alone talk to each other casually.Unless you think he is the only person in your life that you want to love and cherish, once you kiss him, you have to follow him and live with him for the rest of your life, understand Mao er scratched her little head, seemingly confused, but in the end she seemed to understand a little bit, and smiled slightly, Does that what is normal fasting blood sugar level mean that as long as Mao er kisses Brother Shuo, he will follow Brother Shuo for the rest of his life Ye Tian er thought for a while, Probably Then the cat should think about it.Logically speaking, the targets of the ten arrows should be the same place where Lu Shuo was standing just now.However, when Lu Shuo dodged the first arrow, The other arrows that flew towards them all changed directions in the air until Lu Shuo shot them.What A tracking arrow Lu Shuo exclaimed, but due to the speed of the black arrow, it only flashed a few light shadows and had already arrived in front of Lu Shuo.At the critical moment, Lu Shuo immediately activated his immortal bloodline, and the third ability of the Immortal Art, the Immortal Phantom, was immediately activated.Under the tomb, there is a dark room, with a dilapidated sarcophagus in the center of the room.A black figure was lying in the sarcophagus, with a shabby black shirt wrapped around his body.Accompanying him were stark white bones, with traces of black air coming out of them, which was very scary.In addition, next to the sarcophagus, a figure wearing a black cloak stood there, looking extremely respectful.Has the game started A solemn voice came from the sarcophagus.Yeah Yes A hoarse voice came from the black cloak.From this voice, he heard a hint of familiarity, and even heard a hint of unprecedented crisis.He had even guessed that this person was the dark master, Sen Luo.None of you can escape, and no one will come to save you.In my barrier, outsiders cannot see the real situation inside.What they see is just the illusion I created.At this moment, Hao There are almost more than 50,000 people left in the Sky Square.Except for some experts, most of the people became even more crazy because of this voice.They kept attacking the dark red barrier and looking for ways to escape.

How is it possible, absolutely impossible Lu Shuo looked at Han Qianyu and frowned slightly, Grandpa Han, what s wrong with you Han Qianyu came back to her does an insulin pump check blood sugar senses and looked at Lu Shuo.She could no longer calm down, It s nothing, I m just a little surprised.After a pause, Han Qianyu continued By the way, Lu Shuo, I think what does krill oil affect blood sugar happened today It s definitely not simple.If something unexpected happens after a while, you and I must protect Lu Shuo, because he must not be in danger, absolutely not, do you hear is ketoacidosis high or low blood sugar me Han Qianyu The you he refers to are naturally Ye Zheng, the Soul Demon Squadron, the men in black, etc.Next, with a bang, the huge red claw unexpectedly hit Sen Luo s body.Han Qianyu did not expect to be so relaxed.Suddenly, the giant claw swung out, the fire poison exploded, and the space was distorted.Sen Luo s body exploded directly, with flesh and blood flying everywhere.Did it succeed On the ground, everyone was full of expectations.But how could things be so simple The next second, something strange happened.There was a swipe, a black shadow flashed past, and a sharp short knife was already on Han Qianyu s neck.Seeing all this, Lu Shuo couldn t stop crying and was heartbroken.He knew what it meant, but he what is a good number for blood sugar is 174 high for blood sugar couldn t believe it and didn t want to believe it.Next, in an instant, black blood marks covered Han Qianyu s whole body.Han Qianyu s body was already thin, and his clothes were naturally thin, but now when black blood marks covered his whole body, , the thin clothes immediately became extremely loose, as if he was wearing a big robe, and his arms and legs were almost half thin.It was obvious that all the blood in Han Qianyu s body had been sucked dry, leaving only skin and bones.Gui Luo had already arrived in front of Lu Shuo.Immediately, he raised his white bone spear high and prepared to end Lu Shuo s life, but Lu Shuo still lowered his head and paid no attention to it., as if he no longer cares about his own life.At this moment, Ye Tian er suddenly stood up and stood in front of Lu Shuo, with vicious anger on his pretty face, You are such a willful bastard, I won t let you hurt him.Ghost Luo chuckled, Don t overestimate your own capabilities As he said that, the bone spear in his hand was about to stab Ye Tian er.Immediately afterwards, a black figure galloped over quickly.In the blink of an eye, it had already arrived in front of Lu Shuo.Seeing this person, Senluo immediately frowned, and the previous arrogance disappeared, replaced by caution and calmness, and there seemed to be a hint of fear in his eyes.Who can break Senluo s demonized soul world Who is this person Lu Shuo didn t know either, because at this time, the man in .

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black was facing away from him and his face could not be seen at all.However, he was sure that the man in black in front of him was a woman, and she seemed to have a good figure.Then, countless pieces of ice and snow appeared out of thin air, what is normal fasting blood sugar level and completely condensed almost in an instant.The huge ice aura soared, and then what is normal fasting blood sugar level quickly condensed into a black ice lotus, floating above Bing Ning s head.The pure and evil ice lotus, with its icy aura and extremely cold energy, gave everyone in Haotian Square a feeling of coldness from the bottom of their hearts.And this is Bing Ning s top star soul, Dark Ice Lotus.Then, the black ice lotus had submerged into Bing Ning s body.There was no big change, except that there was a black lotus symbol between the eyebrows, and the whole person s temperament also became different.Asshole, let me go, don t you want me to die Let me die quickly, Ye Tian er roared.Senluo chuckled, How could I let you die How could I throw away my life saving straw Ignorant little girl, you still want to die what is normal fasting blood sugar level like others, huh.I tell you, without my permission, you I can t die even if I want to.You Lu Shuo finally breathed a sigh of relief.No matter what, it would be good that Ye Tianer did not commit suicide.On the other side, Bing Ning frowned, and his eyes suddenly shot out an invisible murderous aura, locking Lu Shuo and the others, and then said coldly What on earth do you want to do Sen Luo laughed again, but obviously became a little uncomfortable.

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