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In a short period of time, the young man seemed to have spent all his life s energy and reluctantly wrote on the corner, One painting, one world, one tower, one monk.The whole person became exhausted, his face was as white as paper, and his eyes half lost their sparkle.Open half closed.Donor, you are really understanding Good, good.The low but very clear words, like water drops falling on the calm surface, also struck his heart.oh He shook his groggy head gently and looked up, stunned.I thought it was just an illusion in my mind, but it turned out to be a real existence in front of me.In their eyes, I was a cold and lonely monster.Who wanted to get along with me Until I met my mentor later.I usually don t have any other hobbies except painting.Once, I went to visit an ancient weapons exhibition with my mentor.I was just copying them, but I didn t expect that I gradually fell in love with them.As he spoke, warm wrinkles appeared in the corners of the young man s eyes, as if he was talking about his passionate lover.I like their simple colors and the flowing luster on alcohol and blood sugar levels those curves.As for me, let alone love, I can t even find anyone who hates me.The only memory in my life is boundless.How can I be willing to endure such loneliness and loneliness after completing such an incomplete journey After venting for a while, the young man straightened his back and put a wry smile on his lips So what can I do if I don t want to be reconciled You only have one life., and I am so short lived As he spoke, his voice gradually became lowered, and he was just in a daze.What if we start all over again The monk what is normal diabetic blood sugar in white said in surprise.After being pleased, he explained Zhen er, don t worry.I have already laid the groundwork beforehand.You just need to relax and let everything be natural.I will tell you about the situation of Yue s family now China and India are just After talking about it in general, Yue Zhen couldn t help but hiss again.His father had served in the army for more than ten years, and he was now a high ranking official.Unexpectedly, his life was so miserable.There were not enough people in the Yue family to be full, which made Yue Zhen feel aggrieved and unworthy of his father.This is how the Yue Family Spear became famous all over the world.Yes.Yes Yue Zhen slapped the table and said, This is exactly what my nephew thought.No matter how perfect Zhen er is in practicing the Yue family s spear, he will never be able to catch up with his father, and he will fall behind the rhetoric that relies on his father s shadow.The spirit of martial arts, Aren t we just going to surpass the peaks As he spoke, an uncontrollable excitement surged into Yue Zhen s heart, and he couldn t help but walk to the window what is normal diabetic blood sugar with his hands behind his back, looking up at the night sky in fascination.I didn t know what I wanted to do, but I just Secretaría de Desarrollo Sustentable what is normal diabetic blood sugar thought I should do it.I leaned over and picked up a basin sized rock and threw it into the water.The splash hit my face, and I didn t even what is a good blood sugar how much does farxiga lower blood sugar think about wiping it off.The stream did not stop because of the arrival of the rocks, but it just slid along a soft curve beside the rocks, singing forward and forward.Fierce The rocks trembled and then returned to calm.It turned out that the rushing water took away the gravel underneath.It moved what is normal diabetic blood sugar again, this time creating ripples on the water.When Yinping came back, everything was ready, so he had no choice but to nod in agreement.Recently, Mrs.Yue often sits in a wheelchair.After activities in the courtyard, their spirits improved a lot, they ate more, and their usually pale faces gradually became rosy.This also allowed the siblings to accompany their mother on the long trip with peace of mind.It was such a busy day that Yue Zhen had no chance to chat with his sister.Ask him what happened.Yinping disappeared early the next morning.When he 70 mg dl blood sugar means inquired, he learned that the next team would leave the next day, so he had no choice but to go to Yang Zaixing.

Looking at the group of young people gathered around him, they all looked disheveled.Although their clothes were how much does farxiga lower blood sugar low glucose levels blood test washed clean, they were also patchy.They must have lived a very miserable life.Yue Zhen, who felt sympathy, saw that the young man named Biaozi was still a bit shy in front of strangers, so he patted him on the shoulder and laughed.Why are you crying, old man You were so hard with those few blows just now, but my legs are still sore and numb now Several teenagers around him laughed when they heard what he said was interesting.It was only after he fell into trance that he felt more comfortable.In the next few days, Yue Zhen hardly left the cabin.He just meditated in a daze with his eyes closed all day long.Regardless of the day, he could just feel that the boat was not moving on the water.It stopped moving forward.Until the ship suddenly paused, noisy voices came from outside the cabin.Yue Zhen walked out of the cabin in confusion.Did he arrive in Lin an so soon When he got on the deck, he realized that the ship had arrived in Jiankang.If he wanted to cover the streets and alleys of the city with advertisements, he would probably face bankruptcy.Yue Zhen wandered aimlessly along the river where what is normal diabetic blood sugar he came that day, thinking hard in this era of limited information, how could he let everyone know about the existence of such a pledge and pawn shop As I walked, what is normal diabetic blood sugar human glucose levels I felt that the atmosphere around me became lively.It turned out that some officials looking people were transporting wood and bricks with a large how much does farxiga lower blood sugar low glucose levels blood test team of ox carts and porters.He did not dare to hurt him what is normal diabetic blood sugar because he was concerned about his identity, so he had to instantly lift up his remaining sword.A little bit of what is normal diabetic blood sugar zhenqi pushed through, and bang the two of them suddenly collided, and both fell to the ground like gourds rolling what is normal diabetic blood sugar on the ground.Yue Zhen didn t care about his embarrassment, he stood up and pointed his knife at the man in black and shouted Ruan Jiqin, who are you The man in black first heard him shout out the flow breaking knife, and was shocked when he was hit by Yue Zhen.But how can I give up the Ground Sword and learn it again Isn t this an apology for Uncle Sun s hard work Master Ruan didn t force himself to teach the three moves of cutting off the flow of the sword.I call these three moves the three moves of saving life.Master Ruan once said how to have both left and right skills.Yue Zhen what is normal diabetic blood sugar 169 blood sugar asked hurriedly.It seemed that he had encountered the same problem as himself.It s too difficult Zong Xian shook his head and said, When Master Ruan saw that I had some success in my ground knife skills, he felt it was a pity to abandon it, so he tried his best to use both hands to move the knife.I want to see her soon, but I am afraid of hearing about her.I am suffering from the war between heaven and man.Lu Bo stood up, patted him and sympathized Brother Zhang, you don t have to be like this.Who hasn t done something wrong when they were young Let the past go.Fortunately, now I have the opportunity to meet my old friends.When the time comes, When you see this old sister in law, brother, please tell me exactly what happened back then.As for right and wrong, you are willing to punish them and let her suffer.

Later, dozens of small boats sailing from Lin an slowly started to move and formed a circle on the river what happens when your glucose spikes with Tugu Lun as the center.The boats in the outer circle were just a short distance away from Tugu Lun.If he wanted to leap over and launch an attack, he would be hit head on before his old strength was exhausted and his new strength was not yet regenerated.Seeing this, Yue Zhen nodded secretly.Such a situation what is normal diabetic blood sugar would put heavy psychological pressure on Tugu Lun.He must be thinking quickly about countermeasures.The spearman is the general of the army.He does not care about the details of the battle.His momentum is what is normal diabetic blood sugar human glucose levels so majestic that he can sweep thousands of armies.Those who are how to lower blood glucose level good at using spears are mostly good at controlling the overall situation and are perseverant.The swordsman is the overlord of hundreds of soldiers, so there is a saying that before practicing the sword, you should practice the posture first.Those who are good at using the sword must what is normal diabetic blood sugar be good at creating momentum.The sword and momentum are in line with each other, and there is no force without urging.Seeing that the situation was not going well, the manager grabbed how much does farxiga lower blood sugar low glucose levels blood test Wang Yuan and shouted Junior sister, move quickly The three of them got into the cabin as soon as the sword energy flew off the roof.There was no earth shattering sound as expected, just a series of popping sounds, and the majestic cabin turned into large and small wooden blocks, flying in all directions and blocking the view.When the dust settled, the disgraced three people heard the sound of Tugu Lun fading away.I have heard the truth morning and night, and will die without regrets.Who doesn t know that Young Master Zhen is an all rounder in both civil and military affairs Mr.Storyteller how much does farxiga lower blood sugar low glucose levels blood test has a saying, right , Wen can stabilize the country, and Wu can seal the territory and tear apart the land.Brothers, are you talking about our young master Zhen Yue Zhen laughed dumbly, pointed at Xiao Qi with his finger and cursed with a smile You are good at flattering me.He said to everyone.While joking, he also made a draft in his mind.The name of the gang must be loud, and it must not be too arrogant to cause resentment among fellow gang members, such as Black Dragon Club, Flying Tiger Gang, etc.Listening to the adults speaking out the Changxin people s feelings, several staff members choked up, and one of them shouted loudly.My fellow villagers have told us that we dare not forget it.Please do it, General Please do it, General Led by Lin Ji, several people bowed to the ground again.There was silence in front of the Lin an Mansion Yamen.Everyone held their breath and looked at Yue Fei and the people kneeling in front of him.The Taiwei s eyes were reddish, recalling the days and nights in the turbulent years, and the blending of blood and fire in the war Zhao Ding clenched his fists tightly, as if he wanted to grasp the unyielding spirit of the soldiers and civilians of the Song Dynasty.Prince Su and his wife stood on the tower with fluttering clothes, watching this group of important officials of the Song Dynasty.King Su didn t say a word, just stared at them with his eyes.The eyes of several civil servants were blurred with tears, but they all bit their lower lips until they were stained with blood, but they did not let the Jin people hear their cries.At this scene, King Su smiled happily, cupped his fists and cupped his hands to say goodbye to everyone.At this point, Li Gang was in tears what is normal diabetic blood sugar human glucose levels and could not continue.

Zhen.Xikan likes to collect strange things.This matter has attracted my attention since you started to promote The Picture of Generals Drinking does low blood sugar help you lose weight Horses.When you will Brother Ban arranged to go to Hebei, and Xi Kan vaguely guessed Master Zhen s plan.Until Master Zhen s accident happened this time, the what is normal diabetic blood sugar old man next to you turned all the funds into food and shipped them away.Isn t it obvious what Mr.Zhen wants to do Shentu Xikan said without stopping, I want to use money to improve the atmosphere of officialdom, which can be said to be literary.How about you refute it Hearing what he said, Zhang Xian had no choice but to nod and sit down.The two of them looked at each other.relatively.I know what you are thinking, brother in law.You are afraid of other people s comments.You are afraid that someone will say that you have become the son in law of our in law family, so you are hiding in the back openly, fearing death and enjoying peace.Zhang Xian was embarrassed for a while, but he nodded and shook his head.Obviously he didn t mean what he said.Kill them without mercy Suddenly, the sound of arrows coming out of the what is normal diabetic blood sugar box could be heard, and there were waves of commotion and tense air among the refugees.It makes people almost breathless.Things were developing according to plan, and Yan Biao knew that what is normal diabetic blood sugar the time had come for him to appear.When they decided to implement this plan, they had prepared for the worst.If Liu Qi really refused to give in and insisted on driving the refugees into the camp, Zong Xian would take his life.But they all also understand that this will definitely lead to a bloody tragedy, and countless people will be killed or injured.Their efforts had been in vain.When everyone focused their attention on the fierce battle, the east gate of Xiangyang, which was originally the quietest, quietly opened.Xu Qing, the former commander of the Yue Family Army, had led his troops to swarm in.Entered.Even before his death, the general guarding the east gate of the Qi army could not figure out who had attacked them.It was just that everything happened too fast and was too unbelievable.Under the blue sky and white sun, a group of dark skinned people climbed onto the tower as if falling from the sky.She knows that it is because I have a big heart and a broad vision.I have lived for most of my life., Only then do you know what kind of person is a true hero Yue Zhen knows Lu Bo s feelings for Juntian and Yue Jiajun best.Over the years, the contribution that the old man has made to this army is no less than that of the frontline soldiers who go into battle to kill the enemy.No matter how brave the men are, the children are just like us.During the days in the fields, the old what is normal diabetic blood sugar man tried his best to get a few more kilograms of rice so that the children could eat less cereals.Shentu outside the door was even more shocked.Since the great escape, Li Qingzhao has lost all his family property, but refuses to give up this manuscript no matter what.It is not difficult to imagine that the manuscript not only expresses her grief for her husband, but also condenses the life long efforts of Yi An and his wife.Why not Li Qingzhao pretended to be angry They two old men, it s okay to do this, and it s okay to do that.Could it be that my old lady and you, brother Zhen, are strangers who have nothing to do with each other Yue Zhen quickly blushed.

General Li just said it well.Things in the world are unpredictable.Things in the future can only be a matter of tricks, but the current hidden dangers, Uncle Wang, have you thought about it clearly For example Seeing Yue Zhen hesitate to speak With low blood glucose levels chart a look on his face, Wang De said anxiously Master Zhen For Wu Shuai s sake, please show me a way out Shentu couldn t help but chuckle to himself.General Wang knew it well enough, and he touched it with just a few clicks.It s arrived at Master Zhen s weakness.Do you think our Zhaofu government is just for food You actually treat the laws of the Song Dynasty as child s play You Boom Gachacha It was as if a very fast train was passing by in front of him.The loud noise made Yue Zhen lose his hearing what is the normal blood sugar level while pregnant instantly.He could only see Prince Fu talking angrily, but could not hear what the prince said at all.Calm, calm, must be calm Yue Zhen clenched his fists hard, and the pain from his nails digging into his flesh made him take a deep breath.His thoughts returned to the right track, and his brain became more flexible.OK.Just like this, everyone was counting the days with their fingers and moving forward slowly like a snail.Fortunately, as New Year s Eve approached, the number of boats on the water gradually dwindled.On the afternoon of New Year s Eve, they finally left what is normal diabetic blood sugar the waterway where the boats were densely packed and turned into a tributary.The majestic capital city was already in sight.The brothers on the boat looked at each other and smiled at Yue Zhen, and everyone breathed a sigh what is normal diabetic blood sugar of relief.Thinking of his relatives waiting at home, Yue Zhen s heart felt hot.Then it will be scuttled, and our traces will be traceless like mud cows entering the sea.Who would have thought that you and I would be celebrating the New Year in the capital Humph Smart.Yue Zhen s face was ashen from the gaps in his teeth.He snorted coldly Brother Wanyan s tricks are really brilliant I can t match them.Wanyanyong suppressed his smile and said seriously No, how much does farxiga lower blood sugar low glucose levels blood test the Young Master Zhen in my mind is not like this.A soldier can t fight without a bloody edge.Isn t it always your highest ideal, Master Zhen, to conquer the enemy in battle If Secretaría de Desarrollo Sustentable what is normal diabetic blood sugar everything goes well, I can take you Master Zhen back to Huanglong Mansion without any casualties.There s still time.Merchants of all ethnic groups call this the February Lottery , which means a good start, good luck, and a lot of profit this year.Only those merchants who no one cares about take their goods south as a last resort.Zhen You can be does sweet and low spike blood sugar considered a businessman.If you think about it, how many of the freight charges along the way and the tax taps from the customs and customs offices will actually fall into your hands I m afraid there are still some people who don t care about buying and selling going south.Wanyanyong, what do you mean My patience has reached its limit Don t tell me Wanyanyong hurriedly waved his hand to interrupt him and said Young Master Zhen, calm down and listen to what I have to say.Shopkeeper Shentu how to lower your blood sugar level what is normal diabetic blood sugar All eighty six of them arrived, unscathed.The change I am referring to is He stopped again and hesitated before speaking.The original plan was for my uncle s eldest son, Wanyan Liang, to escort Shopkeeper Shentu and his party to meet us.However, after receiving the secret message from Huanglong Mansion a few days ago, Wanyan Liang rushed back with two guards.

Mr.Xiaoyue, please be patient.Our noble friends are very close at hand.Are you still afraid that Third Young Master Yong will make them disappear Although the old venerable had his eyes closed, it was still as if he saw it with his own eyes.Yue Zhen had no intention of joking with him, and sat back angrily, staring at the cotton door curtain.Yue Zhen couldn t be heard talking, Tu Gu Lun chuckled twice more and then fell silent.Yue Zhen s heavy breathing cause of high blood sugar could be clearly heard in the large tent, and occasionally there was one or two pops of charcoal.Gradually, Wan Yanyong couldn t restrain his urge to cry, and was drowned in boundless regret.The two of them were living what is normal diabetic blood sugar a good life, why should I drag them into this whirlpool, just for the sake of those illusory imperial hegemonies Snapped The charcoal exploded into a wisp of smoke in the brazier, awakening the confused Wan Yanyong and bringing Yue Zhen back to reality.Tu Gu Lun didn t know when he had sat down by the brazier, gently stirring the red charcoal, looking at Wan Yanyong with a little reproach and concern in his eyes, but more of encouragement.For the first time, Yue Zhen thought of his destination and the word death.I know the fate of my father the fate of my eldest brother and brother in law the fate of my sister and mother but I don t know how I will die.Because we know the fate of our loved ones, we have to fight against heaven, earth, and people.We have to what is normal diabetic blood sugar try to stop the great wheel of history with one person s power.Is this my destiny how to lower your blood sugar level what is normal diabetic blood sugar Is this my curse If Wan Yanyong hadn t happened what is normal diabetic blood sugar yesterday, my fate might have ended.Was it luck Or unfortunate Yue Zhen raised his head blankly and saw that the pit had been filled up.We ll wait for you at what is normal diabetic blood sugar the stone house.See you there or not After saying that, he didn t give Yue Zhen time to argue, and immediately shouted and rode forward.After taking a deep look at his back, Yue Zhen pulled the reins and urged the horse to turn around and drive towards the mountain.As expected, Yue Zhen and Wan Yanyong suddenly separated, and the pursuers behind them were at a loss.They had to stop to discuss arrangements for a moment, and then they divided into two groups and started chasing again.When he just came to rest, the ram had already led the sheep in a small circle on the grass slope, from another Directions out of the basin.This time it was relatively easy.Yue Zhen blasted them back in a few clicks without any effort.Although it didn t take too much effort, it still gave Yue Zhen a headache after doing it too many times.Because he had to pay attention to the direction of the sheep at is 118 glucose high all times, Yue Zhen didn t even have time to cook, so he gnawed on a blood sugar watches reviews few cold glutinous rice cakes left by Bu Chi and managed to survive.Yue Zhen felt a little strange in his depression, and thought to himself Do I can zinc raise your blood sugar look very proud Even if I did, how could you see it Secretaría de Desarrollo Sustentable what is normal diabetic blood sugar from where you were sitting Do you have back eyesight It s really baffling.Of course he didn t know that the girl was facing the puddle, and through the reflection on the what is normal diabetic blood sugar water, she could clearly see the situation high behind her.Just to put it bluntly, every time Yue Zhen hits the target accurately, his expression is really disgusting.Looking at the sad face of the young man in the water, the girl finally thought of a way.

Yue Zhen ignored the splashing blood mist and rushed towards the other sentry who had his back turned to him.Although the red haired ghost s ax was sharp enough, Yue Zhen didn t see the sentry s arm holding his chin.After the ax blade cut off the arm from bottom to top, the strength was lost, but the strong inertia still smashed his jaw.The sudden pain made the giant man scream, like a sound from hell.Ho ho Ho Yue Zhen was still do beans turn into sugar hesitating whether to give him another blow to end this annoying sound.Horseshoe.drive drive drive A battle of two men against a hundred men begins.The distance of a hundred feet is neither far nor close, just enough for a rider to enjoy the thrill of sprinting at top speed.Although this kind of pleasure is dangerous and bloody, it still makes countless men s blood rush and become intoxicated.At this moment, Yue Zhen suddenly fell into this feeling and couldn t extricate himself.Accelerating, accelerating again, the wind blew past my ears, and the whole world suddenly became silent, so quiet that only the sound of a heartbeat could be heard.After chasing them to the foot of the mountain, watching the Tatars abandon their horses and flee into the forest, Yue Zhen finally realized that there was a powerful cavalry behind him.Without time to think too much, Yue Zhen also jumped off his horse and rushed Secretaría de Desarrollo Sustentable what is normal diabetic blood sugar into the virgin forest that blocked the sky and the sun.Liu Ziyi spent a lot of effort to calm down the irritable Little Red Rabbit.He didn t understand why Aiju wanted to rush into the forest like crazy, until the Qiang Ci warriors brought the captives to the leaders.Jia Lanye shook his head gently, stretched out his hand again and said Little junior brother, hold Yuan Shouyi in your arms, enter concentration and adjust your breath, don t resist, let Brother, think about it carefully.Even without the relationship of Grandpa Monk, Yue Zhen would not suspect that the monk in front of him wanted to harm himself.He closed his eyes obediently and sat down, allowing the national master to hold his pulse again.This time Jia Lanye was very cautious., after watching Yue Zhen slowly fall into trance, he carefully sent out his Qi.After thinking about it, he was relieved.In the eyes of Bayat and other merchants, these horse thieves, whether it was Xuefeng or Cidan Duigu, were evil beings.The merchants wished that these horse thieves could fight to the death.Following the same pattern, Yue Zhen hesitated slightly, looked at his companions and muttered They Their head sister in law Mulanduo is a very loyal person, and I want to help them escape.Why, Bayat, don t you think so Is that okay The Mongolian boy shrugged coolly and said, There s nothing wrong with it.Watching the figures flying away on horseback, Yue Zhen s heart finally returned to his stomach.An exquisite cooperation was completed in this way, with courage, wisdom and of course luck.If Cidan Duigu had been a little more prepared, everything would not have been so smooth and perfect.At this moment, the Tubo hunchback was busy gathering the fleeing troops, and no longer knew when your blood sugar is 400 where they had gone.Following the Xuefeng Brigade who escaped safely, Yue Zhen and Bayat also rushed out of the east entrance of Bujun and met the Mu family siblings who were waiting there.

The patriarch of Wulan Oasis came twice.For the first time, the old man gently put a blanket on Yue Zhen and the others.After looking at what is normal diabetic blood sugar human glucose levels his granddaughter sleeping soundly in the boy s arms for a while, the old man tiptoed away from the earthen wall.When Tuoba Shuofeng climbed up the earth wall for the second time, the sky had become brighter, and he saw the two little guys still sleeping snuggled together like that.The patriarch had no choice but to repeat his old trick, coughing loudly and turning around.A trembling and hoarse call touched the warm liquid in his eyes, and his vision became blurred.Mei, it s me, brother The choked boy couldn t utter a complete sentence at all, but the little figure in the cave only trembled slightly, but still didn t react at all.The unusual silence immediately made Yue Zhen lose all reason.He angrily opened the door curtain and rushed in.No one could stop him.What happened next was very chaotic, the scene was very chaotic, Yue Zhen was also very chaotic, in short it was a mess.No matter how powerful the cavalry is, they are afraid of our archers.With such a wide field of vision in front of the city wall, if the cavalry wants to rush to the wall, at least half of them will fall on the road.Even if they rush over, what can they do Dismount and Uncle Gus and the others They can t take advantage of the yellow headed Tatars in hand to hand combat.He couldn t tell whether the battle in the desert was as simple as what is normal diabetic blood sugar Yue Yue said, but Yue Zhen couldn t help but feel relieved when he thought about it differently.Zhen had been watching him shout loudly in the crowd, and then smiled and said to Tuoba Yue.Moon, how many archers do our Tuoba tribe have that can participate in the battle The girl was very familiar with the tribe s situation and answered without thinking There should be more than three hundred people.The specific what is normal diabetic blood sugar number has what should non fasting blood sugar be not been calculated.So.How what is normal diabetic blood sugar few Yue Zhen immediately frowned.With such a small number of archers, it was really difficult to form a sharp long range strike.The spectacular scene of thousands of arrows shooting out in his imagination also turned into nothing.Letter from the South Concern Giggle The girl s chuckle immediately cooled down the how much does farxiga lower blood sugar burning air.Idiot, you hugged me to sleep on the road.Why are you scared today Gee, why are you just standing there, why don t you come over and help me untie my hair.Yue Zhen s heart felt certain, and he couldn t help it when he opened his eyes.The corners of his mouth curled up.Yes, what is there to be afraid of Things in this world are so wonderful, whether you are ready or not, what is supposed to come will eventually come.As an excellent businessman, Shentu s acumen was definitely unmatched by others.Even Yue Zhen himself had to admire him.What Shentu Xikan said is exactly the same as Bayat s idea just now.The two major markets of Bujun and Shaliu are strategically located, and the large number of people migrating from the oasis will definitely accelerate the development here.By then, Tubo, Xixia, and Businessmen from Liao and even further afield will flock here, and the prosperity of these two places will soon exceed that of Qushi.

After another round of waving, he turned around and smiled.General, what you said is wrong.We are not experts, and we have no ill intentions towards the Xixia Kingdom.I and my wife and sister blood sugar reading over 500 what is normal diabetic blood sugar are just passing by.Yue Zhen had a smile on his face, and he Secretaría de Desarrollo Sustentable what is normal diabetic blood sugar actually admired the man in front of him.Facing such a soldier who is fearless in the face of danger, it is easy for him to think of his relatives.The Xixia soldier who retreated slightly held the handle of the knife, and it was obvious that he was also hesitant.Striding back to the campfire, he pulled out a burning firewood, held a knife in one hand and a torch in the other, and carefully inspected the surroundings of the tent.Convinced that the blanket buried in the soil was intact and that there were no gaps, Yue Zhen decided to expand the scope of his search.He also wanted to determine how many wolves were howling.Although Tuoba Yue s sight on the other side was blocked, she still saw the movement of the fire, and immediately shouted with concern Don t go too far, be careful I know, Moon, be careful too, stand firm and don t fall.We can t let the wolves go.Beasts are beasts after all, and bloodthirsty what is normal diabetic blood sugar beasts will Let them tear everything apart with their sharp teeth.Tuoba Yue turned over and lay on Yue Zhen s back, rubbing her lover s face with her pink cheeks.Hearing you say that, I feel much better.Let alone a wolf, even if someone wants to harm you and A Mei, I will shoot them without mercy Turning her face sideways, the girl met each other s eyes.With some faint and haggard eyes close at hand, Yue Zhen, who was full of love and affection, kissed her gently.Whether they are Oasis people or Chile people, everyone knows that these young people prepare precious and sufficient pasture for winter.Perhaps because of the smooth saying, everyone still likes to call this brand new homeland Ulan.These strong and kind hearted young men of improve blood sugar all ethnic groups are affectionately called Eagles of Ulan by the villagers.It was not until they reached the far west of Yuerhaizi that the shepherds tents and carts could no longer be seen.A more spectacular scene appeared in front of Yue Zhen and the others.After sewing the head and hoof parts tightly, leave a small opening for air blowing.After the explanation, Bayat spread his hands and said, It s useless to know what s going on.We can t see anything like this in the markets of Bujun and Shaliu.That s not necessarily true.Mu Lanfeng said thoughtfully.He shook his head and said, We have many experienced butchers in Huihe.We will be able to figure it out slowly when we go back.We can only wait until you figure it out before we go to the island.A somewhat disappointed Yue Zhen blood sugar reading over 500 what is normal diabetic blood sugar changed the subject., when we met today, Xi Kan realized that the young lady Lan Xinhui is very kind.We thought too much.Yue Zhendun was amused by his formal and serious look.Shentu, please forgive me, little brother.Why do you create so many sour things I just want everyone to know that the moon and I are one. There was a burst of laughter in the yurt.The embarrassment drifted away with laughter.When Shentu Xikan tactfully said that the rumored incident was directed by Marshal Yue himself, the yurt became quiet, and everyone looked at Yue Zhen quietly.

If Yue Zhen, who was secretly proud what is normal diabetic blood sugar of himself, knew that his flawless performance had caused such side effects, he probably wouldn t have the heart to rejoice.The silent atmosphere in the guest room lasted for a long time, and then Living Buddha Dabulajie sighed softly, stood up and said, Well, your concerns are humane, and we deeply understand them.Hearing this, Dakbo raised his head and saw Living Buddha.With a glance, he understood what his old partner meant.The conversation tonight has reached a deadlock, so we can only go back and have a good discussion before looking for a breakthrough.Eight hundredeight hundred Xidan Khan murmured, following Yue Zhen s finger on the map with his eyes, and finally let out a hearty sigh, following Yue Zhen what is normal diabetic blood sugar s words Fall together.Xu The six teams are only more than a hundred miles apart, and they can arrive in half a day s march.No matter how powerful the thousand man prairie cavalry is, it is impossible for them how to lower your blood sugar level what is normal diabetic blood sugar to destroy my 800 yak soldiers in such a short period of time.Mr.Yue My Lord Yue, you can come up with such a seamless plan in just a cup of tea.Seeing the Xixia Imperial Master approaching, Rou Fu panicked for no reason, what is a good blood sugar how much does farxiga lower blood sugar and the complex emotions he had just suppressed surged into his heart again.The calm and calm old monk has not changed much, but behind their reunion, many things have changed beyond recognition.While the girl tried her best to collect her mind and sighed secretly, she couldn t help but think of the Chinese and Indian monk who accompanied Jialanye the last time they met, and does chocolate lower blood sugar also recalled the old monk s advice.Baby, your fate is not in this life, don t delay yourself.Just like what is happening in front of you, even a fool can see that this is a conspiracy what are the blood sugar levels against you, but you still have to pretend to be pretentious.I don t want to know why you have to compromise like this, but you Before my decisive battle, I will never allow anyone else to hurt you.Chapter 253 of Broken Sword and Clearance.If someone else what is a good blood sugar how much does farxiga lower blood sugar dared to despise him like this, Jia Lanye would have already taught him a lesson.This girl left him with no temper at all, and he could only respond with a wry smile.The iron clad boss was breathing heavily, while Long Ruyuan s eyes widened in anger and he tried to pounce forward again.Stop A stern reprimand came from Roufu s mouth.The girl stood with her hands behind her hands and shouted coldly Come back Don t embarrass us Song Dynasty warriors again Long Ruyuan s handsome face suddenly turned red, and he clenched his fists but He lowered his head sadly and walked back without saying a word.When he is 193 blood sugar high walked blood sugar reading over 500 what is normal diabetic blood sugar past Jia Lanye, the Great Imperial Master smiled slightly and said, Master Ruyuan, don t be discouraged.It just jumped up and down under the pull of the thin thread.Looking back at the bleak place When the seven words read by Roufu were still floating in the air, Jialanye, whose pressure suddenly decreased, did not stop.His body, which was spinning at high speed like a top, suddenly tilted, as if it was hanging on the ground.A whirlwind swept towards Roufu.The Great Imperial Master finally switched from defense to attack, but there was not much time left for him.The girl had already recited fifty three words of Su Shi s Ding Feng Bo.

In the ancient army, the unit of measurement for chariots and soldiers was ride.After his mood stabilized, Yue Zhen slowly approached these ancient war machines and looked at them carefully.The large wheels on both sides that were as high as the eyebrows were in a figure eight shape with the top narrow and the bottom wide.A square box like carriage was fixed on the axle connecting the wheels.Yue Zhen blood sugar level 240 after eating visually inspected it.If he stood on it, the baffles of the carriage would It should cover the waist.There was an experienced rescue team what is normal diabetic blood sugar clearing the way in front, and the drinking water for the personnel and the feed for the livestock were all arranged properly.Yue Zhen and Tuoba Yue were relieved to stay at the end.Their mission was not to leave any villager behind.But a few days after leaving Tucheng, the two of them fell behind, but it was intentional.After telling the Tatar folks at the end of the team to continue on their way and that they would catch up with the team soon, Yue Zhen pulled out a handful of fodder, and Tuoba Yue stopped Yun Cai and the old yellow horse who were what is normal diabetic blood sugar pulling the sledge.The horse racing meeting is coming soon.If a vicious bandit suddenly appears like last year, how should how much does farxiga lower blood sugar low glucose levels blood test we deal with it From this, I can t help but think of the various agreements with Sidan Khan and Gelie.I wonder if they have been implemented Now that he has learned that his senior brother what is a good blood sugar how much does farxiga lower blood sugar Jialanye is in diabetic level critical condition, and worries from far and near are lingering, how can he sleep peacefully as if nothing has happened I spent the whole night thinking wildly while half asleep, and when it was almost dawn, I barely managed to take a nap.They will be back soon.When your brother comes back, let them take you to sail this big ship, okay Bu Chi smiled sweetly and kept nodding.His eyes turned to the behemoth in Haizi again.The big ship docked with a crash, and Bayat and Mu Lanfeng stepped forward to welcome them, introducing the three craftsmen to the old patriarchs.The young men of the Tuoba hunting team who returned with the ship greeted their Tatar companions, whom they had not seen for a long time, and unloaded all kinds of prey and strange wild fruits from the ship.It was really like a dream.The two brothers, whose scalps were numb, watched as their little master s aunt jumped up like a juggler and stood on the galloping horse like a fairy.They couldn t see the movements of her hands, they could only see the six arrow tails turning into a row of small black dots and disappearing in the blink of an eye.What almost scared them out of their wits was the following clip.Six arrows were fired with all his strength, but the crescent moon bow could not completely resolve the powerful counter shock force.Looking away from the two of them, the eyes of Wan Yanyong and the Emperor of Xixia met unexpectedly.They were in the same youth and saw the same what is normal diabetic blood sugar envy and loss in each other s eyes.The King of Great Xia, please don t be deceived by this guy.Wanyanyong laughed and said This kid must have been caught by his younger brothers and sisters, so he was so attentive to his wife.Am I right Master Zhen.While joking, what is normal diabetic blood sugar he raised his eyebrows at Yue Zhen who turned around, obviously very proud of yesterday s prank.

Yue Zhen s scalp went numb, and he suddenly remembered that when he first met him, his subordinates called him Young Marshal.General Zhengdao, can your father be Li Anbang Noticing Yue Zhen s expression changed drastically, Li Zhengdao waved his hands and said with a bitter smile No, no, my father was previously the highest officer of the Xiangqing Military Division.General Anbang died of illness.Before, I had repeatedly recruited my father to go to Longzhou.However, my father was a slow and indecisive man.Look, if the Ulan people had been prepared and transported the grain away while harvesting, where do you think they most likely hid the grain Mu Kun rubbed his thick beard, still continuing his excitement, and said with a smile The output of such a large grain field must be amazing.No matter where they hide the grain, they can t go too far.As long as we find the right direction, this food will be ours This winter, our Kumoxi people, old and young, can survive the winter does almond flour raise your blood sugar safely in this paradise Yuan Qizhe, who had been crying sadly, also squeezed out an ugly smile and said Yes, and people and food must be together.Little Buchi would ride a horse and run very far every day, while Bayat would follow the little girl every step of the way.He was afraid that if the guard was not tight, this little sister, who was quite independent, would run out alone to look for her brother.Mulanduo, who took a detour from the depths of the grassland, brought bad news and strengthened the determination of the chariot troops to go south.The yak soldiers stationed between Shaliu and Yuerhaizi had been defeated by the camel soldiers of the Kumoxi people.King Khan will continue to advance with the brigade.I will go to the west and take a look, and I will understand everything.Waving his hand, leaving the excited Xidan Khan behind, Yue Zhen quickly mounted his horse and ran to the west.The ice snow and smart Tuoba Yue looked at her husband s back and suddenly exclaimed Are you saying You mean that the cavalry in the west are not Tatars, but the is 120 blood sugar high after eating big headed men Yes What about the great god of heaven Will you side with the bandits Sidan Khan laughed and ordered the soldiers to move forward.Yue Zhen turned over and dismounted, looked at the leaders seriously and said You must not take it lightly.I have heard what is normal diabetic blood sugar for a long time that Kumo Xi people are insidious and cunning.The end justifies the means.I guess tomorrow s battle will not be easy.Bird Kipcha must have some tricks that are beyond our expectation.Just in case, everyone should plan carefully to avoid being caught off guard.Everyone left their mounts and sat cross legged in a circle on the grass.Coincidentally, the positions where they sat coincided with the situation of surrounding Bu Jun.The rider at the front raised his spear low and high, only about a foot away from him.One foot, which is exactly the size of Kumo Xi s spear.In the middle of the camel s ups and downs, three gleaming spears stabbed him down from top to bottom.The angle was cunning and the force was ruthless.It was obvious that he wanted to nail him with the spear.on the ground.It s a pity that the three red camel soldiers were stunned, and the three spears pierced the ground without any hindrance.How could there be any shadow of Yue Zhen in front of the camels The sound what is normal diabetic blood sugar of wind sounded in the sky, and before the camel soldiers even raised their heads, the killing star had already arrived.

It can t be discarded, so it has to be cleaned up.In fact, there is nothing left to clean up.Everything that can be burned has been burned completely.The originally extremely strong earthen wall also skewed and cracked under the torture of high temperatures.It only took a light push to collapse to the ground.With the help of the yak soldiers and Achai cavalry, Yue Zhen s most troublesome cleaning task became easier.Everything that could be pushed down was pushed down.After the two huge cavalry teams ran a few more laps, the ground was trampled flat and solid.The fog blocked each other s sight, but it couldn t block each other s concern.They both what is normal diabetic blood sugar had thousands of things to say, but they didn t know where to start.After the completion, you are leaving, right Amei, will you go back together In the mist, Mulanduo stroked Bu Chi s cheek and blood sugar reading over 500 what is normal diabetic blood sugar whispered.Bu Chi nodded obediently and leaned into her sister in law s arms.The little girl really wanted the Mu family s sister in law to go with them, but she didn t dare to say it because she knew that this was not what her brother wanted.Anyway, you just won t let me be idle, and you have to put this heavy burden on my sister in law s shoulders before leaving.The sister in law teased with a half truthful smile, which made Yue Zhen suddenly understand that he was just worrying.The sister in law wanted to Much stronger than they imagined.Xiao Buchi blinked and looked at his brother, then at the Mu family s sister in law, and suddenly said Lanfeng City is our new home, sister in law, please stay and look after it for us, we will come back one day Oh A surprise flashed across Mulanduo s face, and she turned her gaze from Bu Chi to Yue Zhen.He asked in a deep voice There are many cryptic words in Master Qin s words.Please tell me, sir, what is normal diabetic blood sugar what is the secret army Where are the reinforcements from This Qin Hui was speechless at once, and glanced at the emperor with lowered brows.There was a bit of confusion in his expression.He did not expect that Han Shizhong, as the commander of the three armed forces, did not know about this matter.Emperor Gaozong saw Qin Hui s embarrassment, and what is normal diabetic blood sugar said with some embarrassment The matter of the secret army in the northwest was not included in the confidential files of the Taiwei Mansion because it was related to the lives and safety of thousands of soldiers.There is something unnatural about father and son.I met Liu Yu who was leading the navy to the east, and then I found out that Uncle San and Father Lang were preparing to ambush the Secretaría de Desarrollo Sustentable what is normal diabetic blood sugar Yue Family Army.He Tugu Lun sat down one after another, and Wanyan Yong also came to the map and asked, How is it Where have the Yue Family Army arrived Will Yue Fei really fall into the trap Will there be any accidents Looking at his nervous nephew, Wanyan Zongbi laughed and said, It seems that King Yongnan is very what is normal diabetic blood sugar interested in us two old people.Master Zhen is acting out of character today.He worked what is normal diabetic blood sugar so hard to deliver the letter, and he turned around and left without even asking what what is normal diabetic blood sugar your handsome father had written.This is not like your style, Master Zhen.Looking up, the two of them The brothers looked at each what is normal diabetic blood sugar other across the distance, and Yue Zhen smiled meaningfully Brother Ziyu will definitely not hide anything that can be said from me.What can t be said, why should I make it difficult for my brother In front of the two armies, we are so big Yelling, those things that cannot be said, it s okay not to say it.

Oh Looking for another good opportunity to deal with the Yue Family Army.Repeating Xia Jinwu s words, Wanyan Zongbi blinked and said, Xiao Xia, tell me, if we miss this time, what chance will we have against the Yue Family Army Xia Jinwu smiled slightly and said slightly.After pondering for a while, he said The general has carefully studied Yue Fei, based on his performance in large and small battles.Although the general is unwilling, he has to say that if we want to defeat Yue Fei on the battlefield, the possibility is extremely slim.The Xia Jinwu in front of him is so young.With such a mind and strategy, given time, the future will be limitless.The old god and Wan Yanyong had been getting along for a long time, and gradually developed a tacit understanding.The two of them looked at each other inadvertently and understood each other s intentions.Putting such talents on Bohai King s side what if insulin doesn lower blood sugar will be a strong rival in the future.Xiao Xia, wait a minute.Wanyan Zongbi interrupted the young man s conversation and frowned If Zhao Gou of the Song Dynasty really only wanted to hold on to half of the wall, why not give an order to let the troops of the old Wu class abandon it In order to break through the siege of the city, why bother to mobilize Yue Fei from the Central Plains Well said, the general s words of laboring the troops immediately hit the point.Yue Shuai s heart began to sink slowly.That bad premonition may have turned into a cruel what blood sugar level requires medication reality.When Wang Yan and his Eight Character Army turned back angrily, the banner of the Jin Army had already appeared on the top of the mountain.Whether it was Yue Shuai on the hillside or Yue Zhen at the bottom of what is normal diabetic blood sugar human glucose levels the hillside, they all knew clearly that a fierce bloody battle to break out of the siege was about to begin.A loud arrow lifted into the sky with a shrill roar from the top of the mountain.This was the signal for the Jin army to complete the encirclement.The most important thing is that they once stood firmly together and held a big flag together.The life in the palm of his hand gradually passed away, and the loneliness and desolation made Yue Shuai panic and helpless.Yue Zhen slowly withdrew from this environment that could easily make people weak.His mood was more complicated than that of his father.Although he was full of compassion, he knew that this ending could not be changed.In the deepest part of his heart, he felt more envy than sympathy, because for the old marshal, such an ending could be regarded as a good or bad ending in the drama of life.Dad, last time you drove away all the supervisors, the court never had a clear attitude Although his father was as depressed as everyone else, Yue Zhen couldn t help but mention that there are some things that must be prepared for a rainy day, otherwise it will happen when the time comes.Will be caught off guard.Yue Shuai waved his hands in annoyance and said No, I heard that no civil servants in the Manchu Dynasty dared to come anymore.Things were at a stalemate when Lintao was besieged.The court will not announce the punishment for the father at this time, but when we look back Think about it, in this matter, my father still committed the old habit of being too impulsive.We met some people, but this guy has always been very fickle in his work.Is it possible that only the Bohai Gang s boats can go out to sea Yue Zhen also looked at Hou Yong eagerly.Sister Jiang was right.If time is wasted on the detour, what will what is the ideal blood sugar number happen to him if he wastes time on the detour For him who is very urgent, it is undoubtedly a kind of torture and suffering.It doesn t matter I, Hou Yong, have not done anything shameful, so there is nothing to be afraid of.Hou Yong gritted his teeth resolutely and said It s just that if I come forward, the Bohai Gang will inevitably make things difficult.

Lead the elites to a place and catch them in a net As he was talking, the hull of the boat suddenly stopped.Tuoba Yue was caught off guard and fell on her husband.Yue Zhen pressed his lips with his hand and made a silencing gesture.At this time, Hou Yong s Shouts rang out outside.Which military master is patrolling the river I m helping Hou Yong in Xiahuai.I need to cross the river in an emergency.Please help me, military master Hou Yong, right If you don t work as the shopkeeper of a carriage and horse shop in Haizhou, you can run across the river.Stepping forward, passing by Roufu, he pulled out the small arrow nailed to the cabin board.Putting away the arrow and turning around, Tuoba Yue handed Roufu s hat to her with a calm expression.Roufu frowned and did not reach out to pick it up.Tuoba Yue s unguarded attitude made her instinctively display her cold and majestic side.He is no longer here.How dare you get so close to me Aren t you afraid that I will kill you Tuoba Yue smiled slightly, still holding up the hat stubbornly.The reason why my man leaves what can you do to lower your glucose level with peace of mind is because he believes that you will not hurt me.Please come in.Let s just have a personal relationship tonight.We won t go home until we get drunk.Laughing, the embarrassment caused by negotiations was mentioned in the joke.Yue Zhen also laughed and said Don t deceive yourself, old man.It is impossible not to talk about business matters.We have to blood sugar reading over 500 what is normal diabetic blood sugar talk about business matters and personal relationships, and we can t delay drinking.Eat meat, After walking through the group of tents to the central open space, Yue Zhen saw Wan Yanyong from afar.He was facing them from the side, staring at the roasted sheep on the fire in a daze.It was almost dawn, and the half light and semi darkness of the mountain forest made him feel like a fish in water, and he could move freely.The man in clothes gave up retreat, obviously wanting to avenge his dead companions.A loud what is normal diabetic blood sugar rumbling sound echoed in the mountain forest, and the big tree where Yue Zhen had just .

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been hiding was blown apart.When the people in black quickly surrounded him, they were disappointed again.Yue Zhen noticed that the black grenade like thing in the hands of the man in black needed to light the fuse before it could explode.Yue Zhen touched his wife s shoulder, shook his head, and asked, Brother Yong, have you ever thought about replacing flowers and trees It s just a ceremony anyway, and no one should hold the deceased accountable.Is it true or false Wan Yanyong raised his head and didn t open his mouth.Only a cold snort was heard, and the dressed up Wanyan Lingxiu lifted the curtain and came in.Hmph King Zhen, you are so unreasonable I, the beautiful princess of the Kingdom of Jin, can let an unrelated woman be buried with her husband That is an insult to me It is also an insult to my husband Princess, calm down and just pretend that I what is normal diabetic blood sugar didn t say anything, I didn t say anything Yue Zhen shrugged his hands and shrugged, secretly angry, it s none of my business if you don t want to live anymore I think it s a good idea.Wan Yanyong walked up to him., he was blocked by Tuoba Yue s laughter before he opened his mouth.Don t worry, King Yongnan.The princess doesn t want to die for the time being.At least within this month, she will no longer have the thought of martyrdom.The ecstatic Wanyan Yong seemed to have been cast a body fixing spell, and he was fixed there.Yue Zhen and his wife passed by him and walked towards the tent.They stood there stunned for a long time before he turned around and chased after him, and raised his hand to stop the couple outside the tent door.

I just beg Long Live to show mercy outside the law, so that the officers and soldiers of the three armies can feel the emperor s great grace, and let everyone know that Long Live will not easily injustice the meritorious ministers who have fought bloody battles for the imperial court.Zhao Gou frowned and waved his hand impatiently.He said Okay, I will give you blood sugar below 90 this face, and Qin Aiqing will supervise the trial of this case.But remember, the Yue Ni case affects the morale of the three armies.You cannot delay it for too long.Here, she meets a boy who once gave her warmth.The story begins and ends here.Could it be that it was already predestined Are they destined to meet here, destined to have this bitter and sweet intersection Stopping at the end of the bridge, leaning on the railing and looking up, she asked the sky, but the sky was speechless.She bowed her head and frowned, and she asked the flowing water, but the flowing water made no sound.With her heart pounding, she looked down at the reflection in the water and seemed to catch something, but it was very blurry.Okay.Jialanye also saw Roufu s intentions at this time and nodded happily.The Grand Master can come and go as he pleases, let us ordinary people understand the grudges, please, Your Majesty Before he finished speaking, the old monk jumped into the air and rushed towards Prince Fu.When things got to what is normal diabetic blood sugar this point, Prince Fu could only roar out with his remaining sword., the two of them were fighting in the blink of an is 190 blood sugar high after eating eye.Yue Zhen, who had no worries anymore, saw that the Fabian sword was also eager to try, and laughed and said Master, Master Fabian, don t fight with me.After dinner, He Zhu came to Zhou Wei s room.Today s imperial edict of Long Live is undoubtedly brought to the forefront by them.The two of them have had trouble sleeping and eating since taking over.The issue of evidence was mentioned just now, and both of them were lost in thought.Yue Zhen suddenly opened the door and walked in, which really shocked them.Who How can is low blood sugar life threatening you break in without permission Zhou Zhouwei, who was facing the door, shouted angrily.He Zhu, who had his back to Yue Zhen, also what is normal diabetic blood sugar human glucose levels turned his head and looked at each other, their eyes colliding in the air.Long time no see, Mr.He.Is this Mr.Zhou With a dry laugh, Yue Zhen closed the door and fastened the latch with the hand behind his back.He Zhu only met him once, and so much time has passed, so why do you still remember him Who are you This is the important place of Dali Temple.How did you get in He Zhu first looked at Zhou Wei, and the two of them approached Yue Zhen, one from the left and one from the right, with vigilant expressions on their faces.He lifted the hat of his cloak behind his back and revealed Yue Zhen s face.We blood sugar reading over 500 what is normal diabetic blood sugar can t let my mother be without a husband No Oh, silly boy, this is just a guess made by us and my father.How can what will lower your blood sugar we find out what God s will is I tell you Secretaría de Desarrollo Sustentable what is normal diabetic blood sugar these things for my father, just to tell my son, Your father has already received everything he deserves in this generation.If it is a pity that he has not regained the mountains and rivers, then Xiaoer, you should serve the country and fulfill your father s long cherished wish.Unprecedented Determination 410 Section Me Yue Zhen stared with a pair of absent minded eyes, trying hard to see his father clearly, but he couldn t, just like he couldn t say to his father I will never work for the court Okay, waiter, go back, don t let your wife worry.

It won t work without someone.The little one can follow the master during the day and go back to take care of him at night.It s a way to get the best of both worlds.Okay You go and do your work.The eighth day of the twelfth lunar month is a symbol in folk what is normal diabetic blood sugar villages, marking a day.The annual Spring Festival has officially begun.In Lin an City, the capital of the Emperor, sparse firecrackers began to sound in the city.However, many people have found that the atmosphere this year is different from previous years, because many people feel that there is a touch of sadness hidden under the noise.Han Shizhong accepts the order As fate would have it, the emperor issued an edict Lieutenant Zuo was arrested for his attempted treason.Tens of thousands of troops under his command are stationed on the front line of Xiangyang.I am deeply worried.With special orders, Lieutenant Right Han Shizhong left the capital immediately and went to appease him.Lieutenant Han must express his holy will when he goes there, and the case of Yue Ni will not implicate the general of the army.Lieutenant Han, take the order quickly, Taiwei Han Qin Hui, who was kneeling on the ground, straightened up and pushed Han Shizhong beside him.

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